Why the Boogeyman Sounds a lot like Rustling Leaves

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Front door decorated for Halloween with leaves, pumpkins, skeletons and candles.

Halloween is almost here! Time to start carving pumpkins, putting together our costumes, start decorating our homes (if you haven’t already!) and make way for the Boogeyman. Hopefully not so much the last one.

The word “boogey” is believed to derive from the Middle English term “bogge” meaning “something frightening” or “scarecrow.”

Scarecrows are commonly made of hay, debris, and leaves, conjuring a familiar sound that rustles about our homes this time of year. The two interpretations are actually related when it comes to the safety and protection of your home in the fall and winter seasons. Leaves are one of the biggest offenders when it comes to clogging your gutters, leading to more serious damage.

So it’s no surprise that due to the boogeyman’s origins, it may sound like some regular old leaves rustling around your home. But don’t be fooled, something frightening could be conjuring in your gutters if left undetected or unserviced.

Potential Damages from Leaves in Your Gutters

  • Stains on your home’s exterior or even the interior—leaves steeping in the standing water cause the water to develop a leaf-tint.
  • Damaging your gutters over time making them useless—then you have to replace them. Left unserviced, these leaves will just keep piling up and causing problems until you do something about it.
  • Causing your gutters to sag—the sagging makes your gutters less effective. Although they can be temporarily fixed by tightening the screws again, this on-the-spot fix doesn’t address the bigger problem or do anything to prevent it from happening again – and definitely doesn’t stop water from pooling around your foundation. When the next rain comes, that water washes out through the gutters and onto your home’s interior, or can even make its way into your basement or ground floor.Luckily, Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning is here all year round to ensure the boogeyman stays away during these peak seasons for gutter clogs. It’s important to have your gutters serviced every season to prevent these major problems. It takes regular maintenance and trustworthy service to have this done properly and to protect your home and keep it safe from water penetration. While debris is falling all days of the year, fall is the busiest season for leaves.Therefore, we recommend that homeowners clean their gutters three times this season: in October, November, and December.Next time you hear those rustling leaves, don’t shrug off the boogeyman. Call us and let us take a look to make sure your home is safe.

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    And with Ned, you don’t even need to be home to receive a gutter cleaning service and make sure your home is safe! Our team comes to your home, gets the job done quickly and effectively, and leaves the receipt on the door so you know the job was done, and it really is that simple! So you can spend more time out there trick or treating!

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