Home Maintenance

Seven Tricks for Streak-Free Window Cleaning

Apr, 28 2022 Window cleaning is one of those household tasks that we all have to perform from time to time, but it's not always easy to get the job done perfectly. Streaks and smears can be a real pain, and they can make your windows look terrible. Fortunately, with a few simple tricks, you can achieve streak-free, [...]

How To Prepare Your Home For Fall Weather

Sep, 23 2020

Learn the steps you should take to switch your home from summer to fall weather from the pros at Ned Stevens.

How to Keep Wasp and Hornet Nests Out of Your Gutters

Nov, 14 2023

Bees, wasps and hornets that find shelter around your home can be dangerous. Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning® has some tips to have a safer summer!

Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning® Discusses the “Fraud” That Is Gutter Guards

Apr, 03 2019

Ned reviews news articles that shine a light onto the truth about gutter guards — they just don’t work.

What to Know Before Hiring a Gutter Cleaning Company

Oct, 14 2016

Before you hire anyone to clean your gutters (or do any work on your home or property), there are some important questions to keep in mind for choosing the right company.

4 Home Improvement Hacks Gone Wrong

Feb, 03 2016 Those who take it upon themselves to improve their homes should be commended. These self-reliant DIY enthusiasts have their hearts in the right place when they work on their projects, wanting the best for themselves and for those living with them. However, despite all of the good intentions, sometimes these endeavors result in some entertaining, [...]

The Dangers of Living a Gutterless Life

Jul, 06 2016

Gutters funnel water off of your roof and away from your home, which prevents damage and protects your windows, doors and everything in between (including your family and pets). If your gutters are non-existent or seriously damaged, rainwater won’t run off of the roof and will result in damage. Here are the top dangers of a gutterless home.

The Danger of Pressure Washing

Apr, 03 2019

Ned Stevens is here to help you avoid the pitfalls of power washing with the greatness of soft washing.

4 Secrets About Leaves That Gutter Guard Companies Won’t Tell You

Oct, 16 2019

Fighting a Losing Battle: 4 Secrets About Leaves That Gutter Guard Companies Won’t Tell You

Why Soft Washing Is the One Service You Can’t Afford to Skip

Jul, 19 2019

It’s no secret that summer is one of our favorite seasons. There’s more time to spend enjoying your backyard oasis. And honestly, nothing feels better than looking at your property and enjoying its curb appeal. All those little details — the rose bushes and the perfectly cut grass — you have labored over it all […]


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