Why Your Leaves Will Become a Problem

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golden retriever portrait view in pile of autumn leaves

Fall is here – and all the great things that come along with it – cool weather, hot cider, holidays and family gatherings are just a few of the things you’re likely looking forward to. 

However, you’re probably not excited about falling leaves.

Raking and raking and raking and raking – you know the drill.

And then there are the leaves that land on your roof and end up in your gutters…

Why Leaves in Your Gutters Are a Problem

Owning a home means being responsible for everything that goes right and wrong with your property. And leaves are part of the game. Your gutters are designed to divert water away from your home. This helps protect your roof, foundation and landscape. Clogged gutters are less able to do their job, so keeping leaves out of your gutters is a priority. Don’t trust the promises of gutter guard providers, either. Gutter guards get clogged, too. You can’t get away from the fact that your gutters will need maintenance.

The Importance of Your Gutters

If you like basement flooding, foundation cracks and eroded landscape, then by all means, neglect your gutters! While gutters might not seem like a big priority, they’re part of the infrastructure designed to keep your home protected against the elements and to ensure that your home doesn’t succumb to the problems that fall leaves bring. Keeping your gutters clean is actually very important.

What to Do About it

The first step to dealing with leaves is regular gutter cleaning. If you haven’t gotten your gutters cleaned yet this year, now is the time to move on that – excess debris adds up to extra pounds of weight collecting in your gutters. This can be a problem since the soffits and fascia boards that anchor your gutters to your home aren’t rated to handle extreme debris accumulation. This can lead to sagging gutters, damage to your soffits and fascia and even falling gutters. To prevent this, schedule regular gutter cleanings as preventative maintenance for your home.

How Ned Stevens Can Help

Ensuring that your home is ready for fall and protected against falling leaves starts with a gutter cleaning from Ned Stevens. We make sure that your gutters are free of debris and we can inspect your gutter system to ensure that your gutters are properly hung at the correct pitch so that water is diverted away from your home. If you’re in need of replacement or repairs, we can handle that, too. The first step is calling today to get your free quote.

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