4 Secrets About Leaves That Gutter Guard Companies Won’t Tell You

by Oct, 16 2019 |
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Young boy jumping in pile of fall multi colored leaves.

A lot of times, home maintenance can feel like a game of whack-a-mole. Once you solve one problem, another one pops up. This is normal, especially as we move through the seasons and live through unpredictable weather trends. (Especially in the South during hurricane season!)

Major gutter guard companies won’t typically provide sustainable answers for homeowners or tell them the root of many gutter problems.

One of the biggest culprits? Leaves. And as fall approaches, it is prime time for leaves to come in and gum up the works.

Clogs due to leaves can cause a lot of problems ranging from rotting soffits and fascia, slip and falls, damage to your home’s exterior, and even damage to your home’s foundation and landscaping.

Here at Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning®, we stay on top of the issue so that your gutters stay clean and do what they are built to do. We believe that building trust with our clients is important.

Here are 4 secrets about leaves that major gutter guard companies won’t tell you:

1. Leaves cause more problems than you might think.

While leaves may not seem like the most detrimental problem your gutters may face, they actually lead to more major problems. Gutter guard companies tend to ignore the fact that leaves falling and debris will clog your filters and ultimately make your gutters useless.

2. You probably don’t need to hire someone to fix sagging gutters.

Overflowing water isn’t the only problem you’ll face after your gutters clog up with leaves, twigs, and other debris. One of these is sagging gutters—the weight from the debris can sometimes cause the gutters to sag. This is actually an easy fix that can be done on the spot by simply tightening the screws again. It could also be caused by hangers being spaced too far apart, in which case you’ll need to install new ones to make sure they’re closer together. However, if your gutter system isn’t installed properly, you’ll need to have it repaired – which could mean a bigger job in the long run.

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3. While a gutter guard might seem to help temporarily, it doesn’t solve the underlying problem.

Installing a gutter guard to prevent leaves from falling into your gutter is a step that many homeowners choose, but what about the residue and clogging that leaves and debris have already caused? Not to mention tiny bits of debris in the water that’s driven into the gutter. It’s important to have your gutters cleaned on a regular basis to prevent clogs that lead to more problems. The other fact they won’t tell you is that gutter guards don’t guard your gutters – you’ll still see leaves and debris collecting in your gutter system.

4. Leaves essentially brew like tea in water going through your gutters.

Leaves steep in standing water in your gutters and the next rain can wash that water through the gutters, down the front, and onto your home’s exterior walls. These stains can be a pain to get off the gutters and your home’s siding. A gutter cleaning can wash out any leaf-tinted water that poses any threat to your home.

But stains are the least of your worries. The biggest reason that gutter cleaning is important is that your gutters protect your home against water damage. Don’t let your home’s foundation become a liability, and don’t let clogged gutters lead to a flooded basement!

Call Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning® today to set up a gutter cleaning service. First customers can receive $25 off their gutter cleaning service or $50 off their first time Diamond Service Plan!


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