Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning® Discusses the “Fraud” That Is Gutter Guards

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Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning® Discusses the “Fraud” That Is Gutter Guards

Homeowners in 2022 will see an unprecedented amount of advertising. Advertising for products and services that speak to their needs as homeowners.

If you’ve seen a Facebook ad, email, Instagram post, banner ad, something in your mailbox or a garden variety TV commercial for “gutter guards,” you’re not alone.

Companies like LeafFilter, Gutter Guard and even big box home suppliers offer gutter guards galore.

As a matter of fact, these providers go out of their way to sell the false benefits of gutter guards: install them, set it and forget it.

This is a lie.

The truth is this — any type of filter, strainer, mesh or cover will get clogged up with debris. Water, small debris, large debris, leaves, twigs, pollen, bees and wasps — you name it, it’s headed into your gutter system, one way or another.

When you install gutter guards, the truth is simple — you still need to clean your gutters. You’ve essentially doubled the effort it takes to maintain your gutters.


In addition to still needed to clear your gutters of debris. you also now have a mesh mesh or filter that will also need to be cleaned.

Set it and forget it? Hardly.

How about we get honest about gutter guards. Our customers deserve better care, honest offers, and great service — not products designed to fail.

But we don’t need to make this a point — plenty of others have woken up to the problem of gutter guards and how they fail the homeowner.

A recent Washington Post article went over the problem of gutter guards with Ask the Builder’s Tim Carter — a prominent voice in the home improvement blogosphere.

When asked about his take on gutter guards, Carter replied:

“I did an exhaustive test of just about every gutter guard design. I discovered that almost all of them fail. The reverse curve designs allow small pieces of debris to be carried into the gutter where it’s impossible to clean out the decaying muck. Small debris of all sorts clogs the holes, slits and knockouts in the other designs. Most gutter guards fail miserably in the spring when the tiny debris drops from the trees like snow in a blizzard.”

And Tim’s not trying to sell services like gutter guard installation or gutter cleaning. His is an unbiased opinion. He even offers to call homeowners to talk them through their problems — for free.

The National Center for Healthy Housing, a department of HUD, recommends at least two gutter cleanings per year. Keep in mind, this is generic information for the whole country. Some areas with dense foliage and tree debris easily demand more gutter care than more arid locations.

Allstate agrees with this philosophy. Since they’re a company that offers homeowners insurance, they are quick to point out some of the more obvious problems in gutter cleaning.

Namely, they’re concerned for your safety as a homeowner — not whether you have gutter guards. At the end of the day, Allstate recommends hiring pros to clean your gutters.

Why? It’s safer, saves you time and, in the long run, saves you money by having a well-maintained home undisturbed by the kinds of problems that arise from clogged gutter guards and heavy gutters stuffed with debris.

Stay on point and off the ladder with a little help from the pros — for fast, friendly bonded & insured gutter cleaning professionals, Ned Stevens has you covered.

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