It’s no secret that summer is one of our favorite seasons. There’s more time to spend enjoying your backyard oasis. And honestly, nothing feels better than looking at your property and enjoying its curb appeal. All those little details — the rose bushes and the perfectly cut grass — you have labored over it all to make your house stand out in the neighborhood. And you deserve to feel proud of your investment. 

But if you live in a humid climate, you have probably noticed the ugly green and black streaks and stains on your siding and roof that appear during warm months. 

What are these ugly blemishes? And what do you need to do to keep them from ruining your home’s curb appeal? 

What are Those Stains? 

Those ugly streaks are bacteria and algae growing on the side of your house. They occur on the surfaces of buildings that experience temperature variation. So your roof and siding are a prime environment for these streaks. 

Patterned staining can also be attributed to thermal bridging. A process where algae and mold grow across the house scaffolding because trapped heat allows for organic growth. Colonies spread across your house and thrive on its warmth. 

If unchecked, mold on your roof can also destroy your shingles. Mold colonies can lead to aging, rotting, and granule loss. Mold can cause your property value to plummet. In extreme cases it may even lead to insurance companies cancelling your policy. Plus the colony will worsen year after year.

What is Soft Washing? 

Thankfully there’s a way to fix this problem. Ned Stevens treats affected roofs and surfaces with an eco-friendly biodegradable solution that ensures a 100% kill ratio. The cleaning process is called soft washing and involves using low-pressure water and specialized solutions to eliminate organic material from roofs and other building exteriors. 

Soft washing is different from traditional pressure washing, which can damage your siding, and will not fully eliminate the bacteria. Unlike competitors who may use bleach or other poisonous chemicals, Ned Stevens soft wash process utilizes a biodegradable chemical that kills 100% of the bacteria. Because it’s biodegradable and safe, you don’t have to worry about how the chemical is affecting your plants, lawn and your family. 


Soft Washing is Simple Math 

A soft wash roof cleaning costs next to nothing when you consider a new roof will run you upwards of $10,000. Cleaning is the most cost-effective solution because it is only about 10% of the cost of a roof replacement. Plus a good cleaning can last you anywhere from 2-5 years depending on the pitch, size, and height of your roof. It’s simple math.

Be careful — not every company will understand how to handle this kind of bacteria. Treating this issue with high-pressure washing is an ineffective solution. It won’t kill the colony and it will cause unnecessary damage to your property. You’ll end up paying more in the long run for a less effective solution. 

Call Ned Stevens Today

The bottom line is a soft wash adds value and solves for unwanted staining and bacteria growth on your home siding, patio and roof. You deserve the peace of mind in knowing you are getting the full longevity out of your home’s roof and siding. 

Call Ned Stevens today and we will have one of our soft wash experts remove the mold and have your siding looking good as new. 

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