The Danger of Pressure Washing

BY Apr, 03 2019
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Lovers of the sun, it’s time to rejoice! With winter on the way out and the warm cheery weather of spring rolling in, it’s the perfect time to thaw out and enjoy your home’s outdoor spaces. Unfortunately; your patio, roof, and siding may not look too clean after those chilly months. If you live in an area that received heavy rain or snow, most likely dark stains have appeared around your home’s property. You may believe the only way to clean these eyesores is with the help of a power washer. Don’t! Power washing, even when done by a professional, can do your home more harm than good. The professionals at Ned Stevens know a safer alternative- soft wash!

Dangers of Pressure Washing

Power washing has become the industry standard for cleaning home exteriors not because it’s the best method, but because it’s the easiest one. This home cleaning technique uses a powerful concentrated stream of water to scrape off any unwanted stains. While the stains do disappear, it is also damaging the items being cleaned. A few power washes can erode seals between slab flooring and strip finish from wooden patio furniture. Pressure washing only offers you a surface clean. These dark stains often carry bacteria and algae that can slowly eat away at roof shingles. If gone unnoticed, you can be looking at a costly home disaster.

Why Use Soft Washing?

Ned Stevens recommends the use of soft washing to bring back your home’s brightness after winter. Soft wash in a non-intrusive cleaning method that uses a combination of low water pressure (nothing stronger than your average garden hose) and a 100% biodegradable eco-friendly solution. This one-two punch keeps your home looking clean without any of the harmful effects of power washing. Soft washing is uniquely designed to attack stains at its core by eliminating the bacteria Gloeocapsa Magma. While the soft wash cleaning solution is strong enough to remove these harmful bacteria, it won’t harm any plant life or animal life.

Unexpected Financial Savings!

Soft washing doesn’t just have a positive effect on your home’s appearance; it also has a direct impact on your family budget. Unsightly roof stains make your roof darker in appearance. This slight change significantly raises the average temperature of your roof. In turn, your attic’s temperature will increase in tandem, sending your power bill skyrocketing. For families on a tight budget, this can be disastrous.

Did you know that some siding and roof tile manufacturers will waive their warranties if damage came from the use of power washing? As mentioned earlier, Ned Stevens’ non-intrusive soft wash cleaning system protects your most significant investment from unnecessary out of pocket home repairs.

All homeowners know that the upkeep of your home is a never ending job. Over the years, some vital home maintenance tasks may slip through the cracks. One such chore is cleaning your gutters. A home’s gutter system is crucial in keeping your investment safe. If clogged with debris, rainwater cannot properly divert away from your property. This small difference can lead to many expensive home headaches from pest infestations to a cracked foundation. Let the gutter cleaning professionals at Ned Stevens help you. Equipped with nearly 60 years of gutter cleaning experience you can rest easy knowing your home is properly protected.

Call and try your first Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning® today! All first-time customers receive $25 of their first gutter cleaning!

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