Do You Need to Clean Your Gutters in the Winter?

BY Feb, 13 2020
Category: Gutter Cleaning
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Do You Need To Clean Your Gutters In The Winter?

Gutters are important to the health of your home. They protect your home’s walls, foundation and roof by controlling the flow of rainwater and snow runoff and directing it away from your home. If this system becomes blocked or clogged these important features of your home may suffer serious damage. A clogged or damaged gutter system may fail to guide this drainage away from the home efficiently, leading to spilling or pooling of runoff ending in possible structural damage to your home.

For this reason, it is important to clear your gutters of any debris or mud several times a year. Often, people only think about cleaning their gutters after fall when leaves and debris are at their highest, or in the springtime when the rains can be heaviest. There are many benefits to clearing your gutters during the winter as well due to the cold temperatures and the inclement weather which may produce snow and ice. If your home’s gutters are clogged during the winter, the water that is trapped in that clog or obstructed by debris and mud can freeze, possibly damaging the gutter system and even your home. Therefore, making sure your gutters are clean of all debris and clogs during the winter should be a top priority.

Winter Gutter Cleaning

Tending to gutters in the cold winter months may sound like a daunting task, however, it is perhaps the most important time for a gutter system to function optimally. During the early winter months, there may still be leaves, nuts and other debris falling from the trees. As winter sets in, this detritus can begin to clog the gutter system. These clogs can trap the accumulation of snow on the roof of your home, possibly damaging shingles or the integrity of your roof. Additionally, clogs and obstructions trap moisture in the corners and junctions of your home’s gutter system. As the temperatures drop, this water will freeze and the resulting ice will expand in these corners and junctions. This expansion may stress these sensitive areas causing breakages or leaks in your system. These leaks can create considerable damage to the walls of your home as water is no longer diverted away. This can even lead to problems with flooding and even damage to the foundation of your home.

It is also important to make sure that there are no problems with your gutter system heading into spring. With proper winter maintenance, the heavy showers typical of spring won’t present a major threat to your system. Clean gutters also detract pests and vermin from making themselves at home as the weather warms up. Making sure your gutter system is working at its best is the best way to reduce the risk of water damage and protect your home.

Trust Ned Stevens

Cleaning your gutters in the cold is no fun or simple chore. Snow and ice can make a difficult and possibly dangerous job even more slippery. The cold weather can also affect the health of your shingles, making them more brittle and easy to damage. Why put yourself or your house at risk when you can call the professionals at Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning® to take care of your gutters for you? Our certified professionals will not just clear your gutters of any debris and mud, they will also inspect your system for cracks and leaks. With Ned Stevens, you can be sure your home will be protected through the unpredictability of the winter season.


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