One Thing You Can’t Afford to Skip While Prepping for Your Labor Day Cookout

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The Labor Day Secret Nobody Will Tell You About & How to Get It Today

What if we told you that one the one ingredient you don’t want to forget when you’re preparing for your next backyard cookout or patio party wasn’t for sale?

At least not at the grocery store.

One surefire way to ruin an otherwise stellar party is to overlook a few specific details.

In this case, we’re talking about your deck, your siding and your gutters.

If you thought we’d be talking about our favorite foods for barbecues, you’re reading the wrong article. 

But that’s okay — there’s a secret recipe we’ve saved just for you.

How to Keep Your Patio Looking Better than the Jones’s On Its Best Day

You might think that your go-to solution for keeping your deck and siding looking good is to break out the pressure washer and go at it until it’s a new shade of white (or whatever color du jour you’ve chosen for your exteriors).

But you’d be dead wrong.

Pressure washing your siding, fences or patios can be the kiss of death.

If this sounds dramatic, you should see the cost of having to replace damaged siding, wood or patio pavers because they were eroded or broken by the harsh spray of a pressure washer.

The problem isn’t just the pressure. It’s the cleaning solution as well.

If you’ve got beloved pets or little ones running around in your yard or on your patio, you’ve got to make doubly sure that whatever detergent or chemical is applied during a wash isn’t going to do any harm.

Lots of industrial products are not environmentally friendly and they’re not best friends with anyone’s kids or dogs either.

There is another way.

Imagine a way to get your siding, fences and patio cleaner than they’ve ever been that uses a process that’s biodegradable, environmentally friendly and won’t erode your home’s exterior.

Ned Stevens’ special soft wash solution is exactly that.

A better, easier, softer way to clean your home from your patio pavers to the top of your roof. 

Our soft wash is designed to tackle bacteria, algae and weather stains that just won’t let up.

Bonus: You Really Can Have it All

If you’re thinking that soft wash is a good idea for your home, then you’re in luck. When you schedule service today, you’re eligible for up to $50 off your first soft wash cleaning service. If you’re interested in getting your roof, siding, deck or fence cleanings taken care of together, call us to learn more about our bundling options.

When it comes to your gutters, you can save today when you join our Platinum or Diamond Service plans. We ensure that you get the care for your gutters that you truly deserve. 

Ask us about the over-hyped gutter guards everyone is trying to sell you these days. We won’t do that. Gutter guards can’t and won’t protect your home from leaves and other debris.

Finding the Right Gutter Cleaning Solution

When you get clean gutters with Ned Stevens, you’re getting a home services partner who really cares about you and your home.

Cleaning out gutters is a difficult and potentially dangerous job you shouldn’t take on by yourself. 

When we clean your gutters, we take care of removing and disposing of the debris and leaves at no added cost to you.

If your home’s fascia boards are damaged as a result of your current gutter situation, we can quote you over the phone and then take care of that for you as well so you won’t have to get another contractor involved with the project that could drag out the process or fail to properly install your new fascia.

Understanding a Liability You Can’t Afford … And How Ned Stevens Is The Right Choice

All our work comes with the Ned Stevens Guarantee — your satisfaction is guaranteed, or we come back to your home and make it right – no questions asked.

Most jacks of all trades with a truck and a few tools will offer to cut your grass, clean your gutters or even offer you tips on the stock market. 

Remember the second half of the saying? “A jack of all trades… a master of none”?

The simple fact is this – if the person cleaning your gutters isn’t fully bonded and insured like the gutter cleaning professionals at Ned Stevens, then in the event of an accident on your property, you’re liable for whatever happens to Jack – the medical bills, the lawsuits, the big headache – these costs are coming out of your pocket, not theirs.

Don’t take a chance. Make a choice. Choose professionals. Choose Ned Stevens.

Learn more about fully bonded and insured gutter cleaning, soft wash services and our annual service plans when you call Ned Stevens today!

Get $25 Off Your First Gutter Cleaning!

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