6 Rain Gutter Drainage Options and Recommendations

BY Oct, 27 2023
Category: Gutter Repair
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6 Rain Gutter Drainage Options and Recommendations

Are there large pools of water around your home or even water damage inside? This could be a result of poor gutter drainage. It’s essential to keep your gutters and drainage systems in peak condition to avoid any damage to your home, both inside and out. Let’s discuss the signs of drainage system problems, what you can do to address them, and the logistics behind doing so.

Effective Gutter Drainage Solutions

1. Continuous Gutter Maintenance and Cleaning

Remove debris like leaves and twigs to not only improve the appearance and efficiency of your gutters but to prevent pests from forming a nest inside and further disrupting your drainage system.

2. Downspout Extensions

Downspout extensions help redirect water to your desired location, away from the foundation of your home, or anywhere you don’t want excess water. They also control the flow of water to avoid splashes, which can cause mold.

3. Use Splash Blocks Near the Downspouts

Splash blocks can protect your lawn from damage as water flows out of the gutter drainage system. They connect to the bottom of your gutters and collect water that would otherwise accumulate near your home’s foundation.

4. Improve Property Grading and Slope

When you are looking for rain gutter drainage solutions, it’s important to know that property grading can help prevent rainwater buildup. If your yard is renovated into a slope that allows the water to drain slowly further away from your property, it’s essential that the slope faces away from the house. Otherwise, the water will pool at the foundation.

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5. Distribute Runoff to Storm Drains and Dry Wells

A dry well installed under your lawn provides a system that channels water to the lowest point in your garden, giving the water a place to collect. Next, it dissipates into the soil, avoiding water accumulating around your home or surface of your lawn.

6. Address Issues With Low Spots on Your Property

It’s crucial to not allow water to sit in large pools around your home or in flowerbeds. A professional can be hired to level out the area so that there are no low spots for the water to accumulate.

6 Rain Gutter Drainage Options and Recommendations

How Far Should Your Gutters Circulate Water from Your House?

If water leaks into the foundation of your home, you could end up with severe structural damage. This is why you should position your gutters so that the water flows around four to six feet away from your house. To successfully do this, it’s essential to check that your gutter drainage system is securely connected to the roof.

Top Signs You Have Gutter Drainage Issues:

  • Water Overflow: When debris builds up in your gutters, it can cause clogs in your downspouts, which results in water spilling over the sides.
  • Foundation Damage: If the ground around your foundation becomes oversaturated with water, the foundation will begin to crack.
  • Attic Mold and Mildew: Mold or mildew in your attic could be due to rain making its way under your roof.
  • Pooling Water: Clogged and leaky gutters can cause large, constant puddles near your home’s foundation.
  • Basement Leaks: While basement flooding is an obvious sign, it can also show up more subtly with water stains on the wall or flaky mineral deposits.
  • Landscape Damage: When the soil around your home becomes oversaturated, the water will accumulate in your yard or garden and cause the plants to die.

Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning® and Home Services

Gutter Repair and Maintenance Service

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