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It’s no secret that Illinoisians have become quite accustomed to intense weather changes. Throughout the seasons, residents of this great state remain on their toes and try to stay prepared for whatever Mother Nature may bring. Though summers never fall too short of perfect, toughing out the climate during the rest of the year can be a bit of a challenge, especially for homeowners. Fortunately, Ned Stevens is here to help!

About Us
Since 1965, Ned Stevens has been providing gutter cleaning service to homeowners across the nation. We have set the standard for the gutter cleaning industry and continue to provide customers with full cleaning and inspection upon every visit to homes.

Maintaining your gutters properly is one of the most important things you can do to sustain your home’s value and beauty. Located in Illinois and 10 other states, we offer all of the essential pieces of proper gutter maintenance to keep your home safe.

Our Guarantee
We believe in providing the best service possible to our customers across the nation. Because of that belief, all of our work is fully guaranteed. Due to the dangerous nature of our work, we carry full workers’ compensation as well as liability insurance. After all, our guys and gals are on ladders every day. We want to keep them protected and serving the Northeastern Illinois community year-round.

Home to the world’s first skyscraper, ice cream sundaes and Da Bears, Illinois is chock-full of awesome attractions, great food and some of the best sports teams around. From Lake Michigan to Peoria, the Land of Lincoln encompasses everything the Midwest has to offer, including the best of both rural and city life.

The Food
Where to start? Polish food, Italian food, Hispanic food and more - the city plays host to the most wonderful things your taste buds can experience. If you’re visiting Chicago, be sure to check out these restaurants for the all-encompassing delicacies this metro area has to offer. Locals say you haven’t lived until you’ve tried a hot dog from Portillo’s (without ketchup, of course) or a slice of deep dish pizza. And it’s your decision whether you vow undying loyalty to Lou Malnati’s, Uno’s or Giordano’s, but be sure to choose wisely. You just might lose a friend or two.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to look outside the city to see how the farmlands dine. D’Arcy’s Pint serves the infamous “horseshoe”, and White Fence Farm serves up a pie that’s exactly what you’d expect from the small town of Romeoville.

The Festivals
Speaking of sustenance, Chicago offers one of the biggest food gatherings in the country. Since 1980, Taste of Chicago has transformed the lake bordering streets of downtown into a culinary heaven for the millions of attendees. Free admission gets you all the sweet smells your nose can handle and famous entertainment each of the five nights the festival is held. If you can’t make it for the July event, don’t fret. There are other opportunities to catch some great music and food at one of the other many street fairs.

If music is more your speed, check out Lollapalooza or Summer Camp. Both held in the summer, each festival attracts hundreds of thousands of attendees and promises entertainment by some of the most popular artists in the industry.
That’s not all. There are plenty of family friendly festivals that grace this state year-round, like the Olde Alton Arts & Crafts Fair. There’s also one heck of a St. Patrick's Day celebration in March!

The Landmarks
If you’re looking for some history, you can travel to Galena and take a tour around the Ulysses S. Grant Home State Historic Site. This place became the home of the Grant family after Ulysses returned from the Civil War in 1865. Or, visit President Lincoln’s home in Springfield, Illinois.
After you eat your heart out in Chicago, be sure to take a walk to the Willis Tower, Formerly known as the Sears Tower, this skyscraper is the second tallest in the country, standing at a whopping 1,451 feet. If you’re feeling brave enough, you can even purchase a ticket to go up to the Skydeck, where the only thing separating you from a 103 story drop is a glass floor.
And just for kicks, you can travel 45 minutes outside the city to experience the first McDonald’s ever. The museum in Des Plaines might not be able to sell you those famous nuggets, but you’ll get a good glimpse into what it was like the first time someone actually tried one.

The Great Outdoors
Illinois has one of the most unique boating cultures in America. When summer finally rolls around, the horizon of Lake Michigan is lined with tiny sails. Mix that with other water sports, like kayaking, paddle boarding and jet skis, and you’ve got yourself a beach scene equivalent to ocean living.
Take away the H2O and these residents still choose to trade their parkas for tank tops and running shorts. Wouldn’t you? This state offers a plethora of resources, like camping grounds and hiking trails, in the rural areas that encourage locals to practically live outside.

The Attractions
One thing this state isn’t lacking is camaraderie. Between the White Sox, Cubbies, Blackhawks, Bulls and Bears, this place is stacked. It doesn’t matter if you’re a season ticket holder or a first time guest; the fans filling these stadiums tend to rub off. So, you might just find yourself transformed after a single game.

The only thing that seems to be missing is a theme park. Or, maybe we spoke too soon. Gurnee, Illinois accommodates (the one and only) Six Flags Great America. Roller coasters, water parks and holiday events keep this place one of the most visited attractions outside of Chicago (which makes a case for visiting all by itself).

The Character
So, the weather might be extreme, but there are plenty of reasons to never leave. Aside from playing host to the world’s largest catsup bottle and the nation's oldest public zoo, Illinois instills a loyalty in its residents that is hard to come by. From farmland to metro life, it could easily be considered the heart of the Midwest.

As our number one goal, we want our Illinois customers, as well as the customers nationwide, to be fully satisfied with our work. Our goal is to offer the best service in the industry, and you will always reach a knowledgeable member of our staff when you contact us for service or with a question. If you have any questions about our services, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our fully trained team members at our closest local office to you.