Summer Home Maintenance: What You Need To Know

BY Jun, 22 2020
Category: Home Maintenance
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Summer Home Maintenance: What You Need To Know

Summer Home Maintenance Tips

Every change of season brings with it a new list of home maintenance tasks to tackle. When we think about summer and our homes, we often think about all the fun things we can do outside: grilling, gardening, laying in our lush summer lawns. And with these great summer activities we think about the maintenance tasks that go with them: cleaning the deck, tending the garden and mowing the grass. In the hot summer months, we don’t often think about the indoor maintenance tasks that need our attention, but they can be just as important in the summer as the responsibilities we have outside. Your summer home maintenance list doesn’t have to be overwhelming or taxing, just follow these tips and pointers.

Indoor Summer Home Maintenance

Summer is a great time to check some things off your list that should be done regularly throughout the year. Testing your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors is a necessity in every season, but with our heaters off, we tend to be less worried about smoke and carbon monoxide during the summer. Carbon monoxide leaks should still be monitored closely in the summer due to the continued use of gas powered water heaters, refrigerators, ovens, and any wood burning or gas grills.

Inspect and clean your ceiling fans. Ceiling fans are great to have during the summer months because they help with air circulation and save you money. Whether you’ve used your fans over the winter or they have sat idle, ceiling fan blades easily collect dust and should be properly wiped down. A great trick for dusting your ceiling fan blades is to attach a dryer sheet to a paint roller allowing you to both easily reach the blades and to catch and trap all the accumulated dust. Did you know that most ceiling fans can be set to spin in different directions depending on the time of year? If your ceiling fan has been spinning clockwise over the winter months helping to bring cool air up from the floor, now is the time to find and flip the switch to make the blades rotate counter-clockwise. This pushes cool air down which can make a room feel up to 8 degrees cooler.

Exterior Home Maintenance

If you’ve followed our spring tips for home maintenance, you’ve already washed your home’s interior windows. Now that temperatures are rising and there are less spring showers to worry about, it’s time to wash the exterior windows of your home as well. While at your windows, you can inspect and clean your window screens. Fall, winter and spring can inflict serious damage on your screens with whipping tree branches and other storm destruction. Damaged screens can be easily replaced and all other screens should be cleaned.

Along with cleaning your exterior windows, you should inspect the rest of the exterior of your home. Check for any damage to your home’s siding and assess how dirty your siding may be. If your home’s siding has taken a beating over the winter and spring months, call a professional like Ned Stevens to soft wash your siding. Using this low-pressure system, Ned Stevens’ team of courteous and knowledgeable professionals can remove any dirt, stains, and moss or mildew that may have accumulated on the sides of your home. What’s more, Ned Stevens’ soft wash cleaning works great for your patio as well! Have the exterior of your home summer ready with our quick, easy and professional service.

Contact Ned Stevens Today

Whatever your summer home maintenance needs are, Ned Stevens can help make the exterior of your home look clean and fresh for summer. With just one call, we can set you up with our services for the summer or year round to get your home summer ready and keep it ready for every other season.


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