10 Essential Exterior Home Maintenance Tips for Spring

by Mar, 04 2015 |
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Ned Stevens has 10 great tips for getting in great shape for spring weather!

Yes, so close!  The long awaited (and well deserved) spring and summer months are almost here, and it’s time to prep your home for warm weather and pool parties.  Before you break out the BBQ, lounge chairs, and margarita mix, we’ve got ten essential exterior home maintenance tips to ensure your home’s transition from winter to spring is as joyous as it should be.

1.  Wash your windows, both from the inside and the outside.  You’ll be surprised at how much of a difference clean windows make to the look of your home.

2.  Before opening your windows and doors to the fresh air, remember to install screens.  Bugs love a warm and cozy home, so take the necessary precautions to keep them out.

3.  Once the snow melts, go outside and take a stroll around the exterior of your home.  Inspect the caulking and weather stripping on your windows, doors, gas line, phone line, and drying vent.  Winter weather conditions often cause weather strips to crack, so be sure to replace or reseal any damaged areas, concentrating on regions where different building materials meet.

4.  Do you remember the last time the exterior of your home was painted? Depending on where you live your home may need a fresh coat in as little as 4 to 6 years.  Not only will a new coat of color give your home a fresh feel, it will also stop external deterioration.  If your home doesn’t need a complete coating, make sure to touch up shabby areas.

5.  Trim branches and shrubs that have grown too close to your home, away from your home. Although the vegetation might look pretty, the closer the greens come towards your home, the easier it is for squirrels, chipmunks and other rodents to make their way into your home.  Make sure to check above your home as well—the last thing you need is a heavy branch falling on your roof, and damaging your gutter system.

6.  Inspect your roof for any signs of wear and tear as well as for water damage.  If shingles are damaged, make sure to have them replaced, as they are vital to preventing leaks.

7.  Inspect concrete slabs or walkways around your home for cracks or breaks that may have formed during the winter months. Minor gaps can easily be filled with concrete crack filler or silicone caulk to prevent further damage next year.

8.  Make sure your home’s grading is draining away from your home’s foundation.  It’s very common for basements to flood when pools of water build up around the foundation of your home.  If any pools are spotted, fill these areas with compost or dirt.

9.  Of course you want lush green grass, but make sure your sprinklers are facing away from your home’s exterior so no unwanted water finds its way inside.

10.  Last, but certainly not least, hire a professional to inspect your gutter system for damage.  Gutters tend to take a serious beating during the winter months, and they need to be free of build up and debris before the spring showers arrive.  In addition, have the professional check the position of your downspouts.  Downspouts should be pointed away from you home, ensuring drainage will not saturate your home’s foundation.

While you’re having fun completing these spring maintenance tasks, give Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning® a call and we’ll help you get your spring off to a great start with fresh, clean gutters.  Then you’ll really be free to jump in the pool, strike up that BBQ, and kick back with a cold, delicious beverage. Why? Because you deserve it!


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