Selling Your Home In The Summer

BY Jul, 23 2020
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Selling Your Home In The Summer

Spring is commonly the most popular season to put a home on the market, followed closely by summer. And while summer is still a good time of year to sell a home, there are several key reasons why it can be a bit more complicated to sell your home in the summer.

During the summer months, people are busy with summer activities that can distract from selling and buying a home. Since summer is the time of year when kids are not in school family activities can change drastically. The need for altered schedules and more attention to kids is one of the main reasons selling a home in the summer can be tougher. Additionally, potential buyers may be out of town for portions of the summer visiting family or taking time away for a vacation. You may also find that since the summer is not considered the most favorable time of year to buy a home that there are less potential buyers interested during the summer.

The Advantages Of Selling Your Home In The Summer

While spring is thought of as the most favorable time of year in which to sell a house, selling your home in the summer can have its own advantages. May is the best month to sell a home, but potential buyers who were unable to make a deal or find their perfect home will often continue to look throughout the summer months. Having kids at home during the summer can be a deterrent for some but can be an upside for others. Most parents don’t want to make moves during the school year or disrupt academics or friendships which makes summer the ideal time for large changes. Summer brings about longer days which means that there are more daylight hours to look for homes and more daylight hours for your home to look its best. The smaller number of buyers during the summer also means that there may be more demand. People wanting to move during the summer are often more serious about buying before fall arrives which means they are more motivated to move quickly.

Tips To Selling Your Home In The Summer

The outside of your home is the first impression any buyers will have of your property. If your lawn, siding, paint or driveway are not inviting, buyers may not care to look inside, no matter how amazing it may be. Here are some tips to maintaining a beautiful exterior of your home to enhance your home’s curb appeal and help you sell your home in the summer.

  • Mow your lawn regularly. Grass grows faster in the summer so it’s more important to make sure your lawn always looks well maintained.
  • Curb appeal is important in the real estate game all year long, but summer can be a great time to use curb appeal in your favor. A well-designed front lawn, patio and garden can really draw out the beauty of your home and attract potential buyers. Trim bushes and shrubbery regularly, and plant flowers that compliment your home.
  • Make sure your patio is clean and inviting. Move furniture outside on your patio or deck or purchase new furniture to create an inviting and peaceful respite that potential buyers can’t wait to spend time in. Hire professional patio and deck cleaners like Ned Stevens to make sure your deck presents in the best light possible.

How Ned Stevens Can Help

Ned Stevens is here to help with all your curb appeal needs! Our team of professionals is happy to come to your home to clean patios, fences, roofs, decks, siding and gutters to make your home look its very best. Have Ned Stevens give you a free cleaning quote. Call us at 888-616-3307 to schedule an appointment today.


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