Our Favorite Holiday Movies

BY Nov, 10 2016
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Our Favorite Holiday Movies

One of our favorite things to do during the holiday season is curl up under a soft blanket, enjoy a cup of hot cocoa and watch a great holiday movie. Here are some of our favorites!

Home Alone

Who doesn’t love this mischievous movie? Macaulay Culkin plays an 8-year old troublemaker who gets left at home for the holidays and must protect his home from pair of common burglars. Booby traps are made. Hilarity ensues.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

The cartoon that changed our perspective on Christmas and Halloween. While most of us might watch this animated film around Halloween, it’s still a Christmas favorite. Who doesn’t love Jack Skellington’s take on Christmas? And we think Zero makes a great Rudolph.

Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer

This film won the hearts of children and adults alike in 1965, since we all can relate to the misfit reindeer who finally finds his place in the world. Once you add in the Island of Misfit Toys, the Abominable Snowman and the dentist elf, you have 47 unforgettable minutes of holiday goodness.


After watching this movie, kids of the ’80s and ’90s, wished for one of Santa’s reindeer to magically turn up at their homes. Prancer tells the tale of a courageous young girl who takes in one of Santa’s reindeer, looking at you Prancer, until he has healed from his accident. Lots of Christmas cookies were consumed during this film, and as adults, we ask ourselves if cookies are the best food for reindeer? Probably not.


Oh, Will Ferrell, you funny, funny guy. This movie follows the story of a man who grew up as an elf at the North Pole. Upon finding out he is actually human, he goes in search of his true identity, wreaking havoc along the way. And if, during the holiday season, you don’t repeat, “Hi! This is Buddy the Elf. What’s your favorite color?” when you answer the phone or “I just love smiling. Smiling’s my favorite!” then you need to stop everything and rewatch this film. Go now!

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Cindy Lou Who is all of Christmas spirit wrapped into one adorable, yet tiny package. Dr. Seuss knew how to write a story to pull on your heartstrings. After all, you know in Whoville they say, the Grinch’s small heart grew three sizes that day. While the live action film is definitely something to be admired, the original animated version is a must watch during the Christmas season.

A Charlie Brown Christmas

The true meaning of Christmas comes to light in this favorite from the ‘60s. Who doesn’t have fond memories of Charlie, Snoopy and the gang? “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” and “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” are two more iconic films that can’t be missed during the fall.

It’s a Wonderful Life

In this ‘40s film, George Bailey is granted his Christmas wish: to never have been born. After witnessing the effect his life has on others, he returns to his normal life with renewed faith in himself and Christmas. So ring a few bells and spend some quality time with friends and family this holiday season in honor of “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Because it truly is.

A Christmas Story

This ‘80s movie holds a special place in all of our hearts. From Ralphie’s quest for a Red Ryder carbine action two-hundred shot range model air rifle to the triple-dog daring to that hideous leg lamp, our love for “A Christmas Story” increases with every passing year.

A Miracle on 34th Street

Kris Kringle becomes a regular as a Santa at a Macy’s in Manhattan, but he has to fight the courts when he claims to be the real Santa Claus. This film is truly a Christmas classic.

What will you be watching this holiday season?

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