New Years Home Resolutions: 4 Questions to Answer Today

BY Jan, 09 2018
Reading Time: 2 minutes
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Modern home interior featuring mid-century modern furniture and open space

How’d I do last year?

Most of us aren’t great with New Year’s resolutions. It’s actually statistically proven—according to Forbes, only about 8% of us actually follow through on our resolutions. So, this article is for those of us who kind of missed the mark on our home goals last year.

If you had big plans to transform your home into a space worthy of a feature in a home design of lifestyle magazine last year, why is that, now, your home looks like it was hit by a bus of unruly soccer players?

What’s my real goal this year?

It’s possible that we set the bar too high. Learning to operate within a reasonable set of constraints is a big part of being successful in setting and achieving a goal. Just like the truth of our lives don’t mirror the version of ourselves we present on social media, our homes won’t always be magazine-worthy examples of flawless interior design execution. When you create your home-related goals this year, a great way to generate good questions is to start by dreaming big. Eventually, you’ll come back down to earth.

Are my goals realistic?

If you’ve got a really long list of objectives, order them by the level of difficulty and then by importance. What’s the biggest, most difficult, and simultaneously most important action item? That’s your number one. It’s going to be more of a job to remodel your kitchen than it will be to pick out a new color scheme for that new coat of paint you want to apply. Another thing to do when working toward your home goals is to ask hard questions. Are you doing things that will add value to your home (like increasing its curb appeal, upgrading kitchens and bathrooms) or are you just endlessly bored with its aesthetic?

What can I do to make this easier?

Determining your motives for your goals in addition to creating a list of goals segmented by order of difficulty and importance will give you an idea of how much time and money your ideas will cost you this year. Working on your home maintenance budget in tandem with your bucket list for a beautiful home will keep your dreamier side in check. If you have a hard time with meeting goals, it can be helpful to establish some accountability. This may not make things easier on you—on the contrary, an accountability partner should be someone that you trust to tell you the truth, even if that means challenging you or maybe even hurting your feelings. Setting and achieving goals isn’t easy. If it were easy, more than 8% of us would achieve our New Year’s resolutions.

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