Why Pollen and Gutters are a Bad Combination

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Can Spring Allergens Be A Threat To Your Home?

The arrival of spring brings warmer weather and new beginnings. Early flowers are just beginning to peek out from the hard winter ground and the trees are starting to bud. New plant and tree growth bring with it the promise of longer days and summer to come. It also brings with it the promise of allergy season. That greenish/yellow dusting of pollen on our cars, houses and outdoor surfaces can be annoying at best and damaging at worst. Many of us recognize the signs of spring allergy season as we suffer from itchy eyes and a runny nose. But did you know that your gutters can show signs of pollen vulnerability as well? Read on to find out how that yellow pollen covering your house is not only unsightly but can cause damage to your gutters and roofing as well.

Spring Allergy Season and Your Gutters

According to allergy researchers, higher temperatures and rising levels of carbon dioxide have created the ideal conditions for the increase of pollen production. As a result, we are experiencing progressively lengthened allergy seasons, having increased by as much as twenty-seven days over the past decade. Researchers also say that the increase in flooding we’re experiencing in large parts of the country are leaving behind rising levels of mold, adding to the high pollen counts in spring.

Spring pollen, and the rising menace it brings, is not only a concern for our eyes, noses and throats, but also for our homes. When pollen is released into the air, it naturally lands on surfaces as its main mode of pollination. The roof of your home, with its large amount of surface area, is thus showered with pollen particulates for the entirety of the allergy season. All that extra pollen, dust and flowering buds can lead to lasting damage on our homes and gutter systems if not maintained properly. In addition to creating a higher risk of gutter obstruction due to the sheer amount of extra material that is washed off your roof, pollen can pose risks just by sitting there. Certain types of tree pollen, for example, are acidic. When this acidic pollen mixes with moisture, it can start to oxidize and eat away at any surface. This process doesn’t even require rain and can be activated simply by high humidity. Dry conditions can cause equal damage to your gutters as they can cause build-up leading to clogs and obstructions down the road.

Protect Your Gutters From Spring Allergies

Remember that pollen isn’t the only threat your gutters are facing this Spring season. Debris build up from the winter and fall need to be cleared so your home is safely prepared for the seasonal spring showers. Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaners knows the hazard that pollen, mold and seasonal build up can bring to your home. Our professionals understand that the light dust traveling through the air is composed of a varying combination of particulates from plants, trees, flowers, grass and weeds and knows just how to treat whatever combination by which your home may be afflicted. We are equipped with all the right tools to make sure that your home is properly protected from all the elements, including pollen and molds. We are experts at cleaning away all the offending biological matter, making sure there is none lurking in nooks and crannies that could cause any possible damage down the road. Ned Stevens’ team of professionals can even help prevent possible damage from pollen damage in the future by ensuring that your gutters and exteriors are in the best shape to resist any possible water and particulate damage.


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