Why You Shouldn’t Wait Until Fall for Gutter Cleaning

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side view of clogged gutters containing pine needles in fall

What if we told you that one simple trick could save you thousands of dollars and provide you with the kind of peace of mind that’s worth far more than that?

Year-in and year-out, we get calls from customers, always late in the fall, whose gutters are starting to sag (or even come loose) due to excess leaves and debris clogging the system.

This isn’t just an eyesore, it’s a liability.

Especially when you’re living on a budget, making smart choices about home maintenance really matters. 

A little oversight on your part can lead to thousands in unexpected and potentially unaffordable repairs.

How to Keep Your Gutters (And Your Home) Safe

A clean gutter system is a happy, functional, valuable gutter system.

Even a little bit of debris hiding out in your system is a problem. The reason for this is simple.

Consider the image of an avalanche. It starts with a falling rock (or in the cartoons, a yodeler sneezes).

A small problem uphill causes true havoc downhill.

This is true for your gutters.

Imagine your gutters are 1/3 full before fall leaves start falling. At this point, you may not be able to see this amount of debris with the naked eye from ground level.

For our customers on the Diamond Service Plan, we make sure they get three (3) fall gutter cleanings.

The reason for this is that avalanche effect – a little bit of debris today means a lot of debris tomorrow.

All of this debris compounds the stress your gutters put on the sides of your home. The fascia board upon which your gutters are mounted isn’t rated to hold 10,000 tons of leaves, sticks, and all the yucky muck that can land in your gutters over time.

Why a Service Plan Should Be Called an Insurance Plan

Your soffits and fascia are designed to anchor functional, healthy gutters and support a nominal amount of debris. Gutter guards can’t and won’t protect your home from leaves and other debris.

When you don’t get your gutters cleaned regularly, you’re likely to rack up incremental damage over time. 

Gutters packed with debris can lead to problems like cracked and rotting fascia and soffits which can put your home’s exterior at risk as well as leave your foundation open to bombardment from water which can lead to costly damage and basement flooding.

Leaky, clogged or damaged gutters can also damage your home’s exterior paint, and repainting your house can cost thousands in unnecessary costs.

Compare all this trouble to the relatively small cost of protecting your gutters under a service plan with Ned Stevens.

Finding the Right Gutter Cleaning Solution

When you get clean gutters with Ned Stevens, you’re getting a home services partner who really cares about you and your home.

Cleaning out gutters is a difficult and potentially dangerous job you shouldn’t take on by yourself. 

When we clean your gutters, we take care of removing and disposing of the debris and leaves at no added cost to you.

If your home’s fascia boards are damaged as a result of your current gutter situation, we can quote you over the phone and then take care of that for you as well so you won’t have to get another contractor involved with the project that could drag out the process or fail to properly install your new fascia.

Understanding a Liability You Can’t Afford … And How Ned Stevens Is The Right Choice

All our work comes with the Ned Stevens Guarantee — your satisfaction is guaranteed, or we come back to your home and make it right – no questions asked.

Most Jacks of all trades with a truck and a few tools will offer to cut your grass, clean your gutters or even offer you tips on the stock market. 

Remember the second half of the saying? “A jack of all trades… a master of none”?

The simple fact is this – if the person cleaning your gutters isn’t fully bonded and insured like the gutter cleaning professionals at Ned Stevens, then in the event of an accident on your property, you’re liable for whatever happens to Jack – the medical bills, the lawsuits, the big headache – these costs are coming out of your pocket, not theirs.

Don’t take a chance. Make a choice. Choose professionals. Choose Ned Stevens.

Learn more about fully bonded and insured gutter cleaning and our annual service plans when you call Ned Stevens today!


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