Don’t Go Gutterless — How Gutters Protect Your Home

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We love gutters at Ned Stevens. They are the unsung heroes of keeping your home protected from everything the weather may throw at you. Unfortunately, not everyone shares the same enthusiasm about these essential protective features. Some homeowners even go as far as believing a house doesn’t even need gutters! The Ned Stevens gutter experts are here to give a little praise to our favorite home safety net and perhaps change a few minds along the way. Through understanding exactly how gutters keep your home safe, you’ll see the real importance of gutters!


Save Your Foundation

The foundation is the most crucial element of your home. The entire structure’s weight sits on top of it, and the slightest changes can cause a ripple effect of home headaches. Cracked walls and uneven floors are just a few outcomes of a shifted foundation. What causes a foundation to move? Going gutterless! When water is not diverted away from your home, it causes soil erosion to the surrounding areas, which alters the foundation. Repairs are incredibly expensive and difficult. Save yourself a headache and side with gutters. Your wallet and your foundation will thank you.


Keep Your Siding Pristine

No homeowner wants to be the eyesore of the neighborhood. Stay on your HOA’s good side with gutters. Without this helpful system, rainwater travels directly from your roof down your siding. Over time, this creates unsightly stains across your home’s exterior that are not easily cleaned. Over time this problem can form deeper issues such as rot and pest infestation. You worked hard for your home. Take pride in that and keep your investment looking like it did on move-in day.


Basement Flooding

Basements are a room made for fun and games. Keep the good times going by preventing a basement flooding that could turn your basement into a swimming pool. In areas with heavy rainfall, a common issue is soil saturation. This issue develops when consistent rain doesn’t allow the soil to absorb it completely. If your home has cracks, as mentioned earlier, the overflow water will find its way into your basement through the smallest gaps. Gutters help keep this nightmare from turning into a reality. A perfectly engineered gutter system funnels rainwater away from your home and into safe areas to keep your basement preserved.

Maintenance is the most common complaint about gutters, as many homeowners don’t want to climb a ladder and risk a fall. Let Ned Stevens help cross gutters off your to-do list. A Ned Stevens Diamond Plan offers six (6) yearly cleanings and extra perks such as discounted services and guaranteed service dates. With a Ned Stevens gutter cleaning professional keeping an eye on your gutters, you’ll know your home is protected.

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