Sprucing Up Your Space: How To Incorporate Spring Flowers Into Your Home

BY Apr, 20 2020
Category: Home And Garden
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Sprucing Up Your Space: How To Incorporate Spring Flowers Into Your Home

The Many Benefits of Decorating with Flowers

Decorating any space with flowers helps bring color and warmth to your life. Flowers as an indoor decorating accessory are incredibly versatile in that they come in a range of colors, textures and sizes. You can easily add small arrangements to small spaces or enliven a whole room with an arrangement placed in the middle of the space.

You can easily spruce up your outdoor space with flowers as well by adding flower-filled planters to your porch or to exterior window sills. Planting flower gardens in your lawn is another great way to add personality and color to your home and create an inviting exterior.

The best part about decorating your space with flowers is that they not only add aesthetic value but can enhance your life through their many health benefits. Bringing plant life into your home has been proven to lower blood pressure, energize the mind, lower stress levels and can even help you sleep. And, depending on the flower, many have aromatherapy benefits as well. No matter what your end goal is, Ned Stevens has you covered with several tips on how to decorate your home with spring flowers.

Bring Spring Flowers Into Your Space

Buying Local Flowers

When we think of decorating our interior space with flowers we often think about buying fresh cut flowers from the market or local florist. Buying pre-cut arrangements is a lovely way of adding color and fragrance to any space in your home. Because florists have been trained on the art of arrangement, your space is also enhanced by an arrangement’s sculptural silhouette and conscious color choices.

Blooming Plants

Buying cut flowers isn’t the only way you can add the charm of flowers in your home: blooming plants also provide the same benefits. Wherever you choose to place blooming plants around your home you can be sure they will make a statement that enhances your interior decor, and with proper care can enhance your space for a long time.

Arranging Flowers from Your Garden

If you grow your own spring flowers in your yard or garden, clipping a few and arranging them yourself not only has all of the above benefits but also gives you the added benefit of saving some cash while lowering stress as you use your creative or artistic abilities to craft your flowers into a beautiful aesthetic addition to your home. And every time you look at your work you can feel pride at not only arranging the flowers but knowing that you grew them as well.

Growing Spring Flowers Around Your Home

If you wish to spruce up the exterior of your home by planting flowers in your front yard, Ned Stevens has tips for that too! The most important rule of creating a successful outdoor garden is to make sure you plant the right flower in the right place. If a flowering plant is in the best place for it to get the right amount of sun and shade, most outdoor plants will practically care for themselves. Make sure you take note of the conditions in your front yard: how much direct sunlight each spot gets and at which time of the day. Take these notes with you when shopping for your plants.

You must also figure out what kind of flower garden you want: annuals, perennials or some of each? Annuals (those plants that complete their entire life cycle in one growing season) make great outdoor plants because they typically stay in bloom from spring or summer all the way through fall. You do have to replant them every year, which is something to take into consideration. Perennials (plants that continue to grow year after year) often have a shorter bloom season but don’t have to be replanted every year. Selecting a color scheme and picturing what your garden will look like in bloom will help you figure out exactly what flowering plants to buy and what kind of a mix of annuals and perennials you might like.

What’s your favorite way to use flowers to make your space fresh for spring?


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