Battling the Cold Season: Home Updates to Make Now

BY Jan, 09 2017
Category: Home Maintenance
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Battling The Cold Season: Home Updates To Make Now

Cold weather can wreak havoc on our homes AND our bodies, thanks to cold and flu seasons. Here are the best ways to safeguard your home and body against the harshest of seasons.

Personal Cold Season Tips

  • Before we tackle germ-proofing your home, here are some suggestions for keeping yourself out of germs’ way.
  • Stock the medicine cabinet. Be prepared to meet coughs and colds at the onset.
  • Manage stress. Getting too wound up can lower your immune defenses, so take some time for yourself and relax.
  • Eat nutritious foods. The more fruits and vegetables you incorporate into your diet, the more prepared your immune system will be to fend off any attacks.
  • Get a balance of rest and activity. Keeping your body moving and getting enough sleep will balance your system so that you’re less likely to come down with a cold.
  • Hydrate properly. Drink enough fluids to prevent getting dehydrated.
  • Get your flu vaccine. If you’re among those for whom flu shots are recommended, get one!
  • Wash hands often, keep sanitizer around. Your hands make contact with many potentially germy surfaces, so keep them clean.
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth to minimize the spread of germs.
  • Avoid or limit contact with sick people as much as possible.
  • Stay home at least 24 hours after your last fever if you do get sick.
  • Home Cleaning Tips
  • One great way to get started is to deep clean your home or hire a cleaning service. Clearing out your space is a good way to begin.
  • Disinfect your surfaces including kitchen counters, sinks, tables, desks and bathrooms.
  • Use disposable, EPA-approved disinfectant wipes. These are most effective in sanitizing your surfaces.
  •  Avoid using towels, mops and sponges that harbor bacteria.
  •  Sanitize your sponges often by microwaving them for 60 seconds.
  •  Change your bedding and pillowcases often and wash them in hot water and color-safe      bleach to kill bacteria.
  •  Clean your faucet filter overnight by soaking it in white vinegar. This will clear out bacteria.
  •  Use soap dispensers and liquid soap for the bathroom sink and showers to prevent bacterial  contact
  •  Bleach the drains once a week. Drains can contain nasty germs you don’t want to mess with.

Sanitizing Checklist

Here’s a short list of things that you need to keep sanitized to prevent infection.

  •  Phone
  •  Remote control
  •  Bathroom
  •  Tables, counters & desks
  •  Computer keyboard and mouse
  •  Bedding

Home Updates

  • Copper is naturally antimicrobial, so consider updating fixtures like door handles and cabinet knobs. Bacteria, yeasts and viruses will die after contact with copper surfaces.
  • To further deter bacteria’s ability to live in your space, you can use electronic air filters and humidifiers to improve your indoor air quality.

In addition to safeguarding your home’s interior, don’t forget about protecting your home’s structure. During the colder months,  buildup in your gutters can occur, leading to water pooling around your homes foundation or ice damming on your roof. If you’re looking for other ways to protect your home during cold weather, a gutter cleaning can keep your foundation and the rest of your home safe from damage.  The gutter cleaning professionals at Ned Stevens are here to help.

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