4 Landscaping Hacks to Transform an Awkward Backyard | Ned Stevens

BY Jun, 18 2019
Category: Home And Garden
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manicured backyard on a slope

Maybe your backyard is one giant hill, or perhaps it drops off into a culvert off on one side. The edges of the yard stick out at awkward angles and everything is difficult to maintain. Let’s look at some ways you can transform this perilous space into something a little more manageable.

Lay Down Some Steps

The addition of stone steps to the natural contours of your backyard can change the entire area. Aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain, stairs can give you access to parts of the yard that you may have been less comfortable with before. Plant rows of flowers alongside and watch your backyard become the place the family wants to be in the spring and summer.

Tiers of Joy

One of the biggest problems with a sloping yard is erosion. The loss of topsoil will make growing plants and grass impossible, and all the hard work you do can end up being fruitless. Creating tiers out of paving stones or timber can give you beautiful planters and help to battle the erosion. Giving your yard a layered look will completely transform the space. With proper drainage your backyard will come to life for years to come.

Some Plants Love the Slopes

There are plenty of plants that do great on hillsides. Trees and shrubs especially, as they are able to stretch their roots out into the hillside and develop the structure they need to survive. Perennials also tend to do well, and since they come back every year there’s no need to be trudging up and down the hill trying to plant again and again.

Light That Hill

Landscape lighting is a major part of the overall design. Whether lighting trees and plants or the side of a retaining wall, adding a few spotlights will bring the space to life. Accent the parts of the lawn that you are most proud of and use LED lamps to save on the electric bill.

Any of these methods will give you a beautiful space for your family to hang out in, but the most critical element to consider is the erosion. Water diversion is crucial to preserving landscaping. Without proper drainage from gutters and underground drains, it won’t matter if you have steps or trees, lights or tiers, all of it will likely end up washed away over time.

With proper gutter maintenance and underground drain snaking, you can put the water where you want it. Divert gutter spouts into planters and away from foundations and slopes that can’t handle the flow.

The professionals at Ned Stevens are here to keep your gutters clean and your underground drains clear of debris. Call today to keep things flowing while your family enjoys your new backyard.

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