How Atlanta’s Tropical Storms Can Impact Your Gutters and Home’s Integrity

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In a given year Atlanta can expect to receive anywhere from 4 to 12 major tropical weather events (source: National Weather Service). Fortunately, since Atlanta is about 300 miles from the ocean, it doesn’t often experience the devastating effects of hurricanes that can sweep the southeastern United States. However, the residual effects of rain and winds that stem from those weather systems can still significantly impact your home’s gutters and structural integrity.

As an Atlanta homeowner, you have some control over how weather-ready your house is. However, sometimes luck isn’t on your side, and a falling tree branch can take off a gutter (if not more) on its way down. As we get into monsoon season, and the wet summer months, here are the four things to remember when it comes to gutters, homes, and Atlanta’s tropical weather storms.

Weighed Down, or Full Tear Down?

Like we alluded to earlier, a tropical storm can present such strong winds that the strength of the wind can tear gutters down on its own. We’ve also heard stories about falling branches taking out a gutter, roof, window, or more. This probably means a call to your insurance company before a call to your local gutter experts.

However, in less catastrophic scenarios, Atlanta homeowners should keep in mind that rain, wind, and swirling debris usually mean their gutters are impacted after the storm has settled. If a large sum of debris has settled in your gutters after a tropical storm, it can cause the gutters to sag. All this to say, it’s important to have your gutters cleaned during the routine maintenance recommended by Ned Stevens, so that this build-up doesn’t cause water to overflow, or gutters to fail due to weight. 

Water Pooling Around Your Foundation

Let’s say in heavy rain the gutters fill up, and overflow causing water to pool around your foundation is the result. At that point, Atlanta homeowners find themselves in a situation where the structural foundation of their house could be compromised if water seeps in. This furthers the argument that proactive gutter cleaning is just as important as reactive gutter cleaning. We don’t need to tell Atlanta homeowners that the rainy season is coming, so don’t let the first tropical storm catch you off guard by having anything but squeaky clean gutters going into it.

What Else Can Atlanta Homeowners Do to Secure Their Gutters?

In addition to routine maintenance, a gutter cleaning professional like Ned Stevens can help make sure Atlanta homeowners complete the pre-tropical storm checklist.

  1. Are the gutter systems properly secured and fastened?
  2. Is the gutter system’s pitch finalized?
  3. Have all clogs, or potential clogs, been identified and addressed?
  4. Have the downspouts been inspected in a way that guarantees water will be repelled away from the house?

Anyone can clean a gutter, but only a true local expert like Ned Stevens can identify technical needs that will help reinforce the security of a gutter system, and ultimately protect the integrity of the home.

Reconciling an Incorrect System

Say you’re a relatively new Atlanta homeowner, and the first tropical storm comes and goes, and an issue like a gutter failure or water pooling occurs at your new house. Your instinct will probably tell you there is something wrong with your gutters. However, before you purchase a completely new gutter system, or call in an expert to fix your existing gutters, consider an inspection to make sure you have the right size of gutters.

Like most things in life, gutters come in various shapes and sizes, and sometimes the simple solution is to just find the ideal combination of house, physical location, and gutter size. Experts like Ned Stevens can come to your home, at a time most convenient to your schedule, and tell you if your gutters are right for your house and location. Ned Stevens has been serving the Atlanta market, and the greater state of Georgia for years, so we know the ins and outs of keeping Atlanta homes safe. After our inspection, we can give you a free quote and timeline for what we think is the right gutter system going forward.

At the end of the day, gutter inspection, cleaning, and installation can be time-consuming and dangerous. Give the Atlanta gutter experts at Ned Stevens a call at (470) 518-5015 to ensure your home’s safety from tropical weather.

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