5 Home Improvement Projects to Consider before Thanksgiving

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Take it from Ned, now's the time to get to these home improvement tasks before the New Year!

Spruce up your home for the holiday!  Thanksgiving is right around the corner, so now is the time to get started on some last minute home improvement projects.

Clean Your Gutters

Tackle the biggest projects first like getting your gutters cleaned.  The winter freeze is just around the corner!  Your rain gutters are the only things that collect rain water and channel it away from your foundation.  Make sure to clean your gutters before the fall debris is frozen in them for the winter.  Don’t let another day go by where your home is at risk!  With a deadline imminent, now is the time to call in the professionals for help.  

Manicure Your Lawn

While your gutters are getting a good cleaning, get your lawn into tip-top shape by trimming the shrubs, mowing the grass, and since its fall, raking up those leaves!  By the time your guests arrive, the exterior of your home will be immaculate and leaf free. Your guests will buzz about how great the outside of your home looks before they see the marvelous festivities you’ve arranged inside!

Spruce up the Bathroom

On the day before Thanksgiving, take the time to clean up the bathroom!  Add some decorative bath mats with a matching shower curtain or place candles on top of the sink for a festive look.  Avoid awkward moments by making sure the bathroom is well stocked with the essentials: toilet paper, soap, hand towels, etc.  This room will be used by everyone in your home, so take the time to make it look extra dapper!

Get Set Up

Football is also a big part of Thanksgiving Thursday. While your guests wait for the main event, entertain them in the family room.  To make your visitors really feel like they are at the game, rearrange the furniture around the TV and free up extra space on the floor, for children to sit, by removing the coffee table.  Strategically place an end table in the room to hold snacks and drinks.  Voila!  The family room is game day ready.

Stage Your Kitchen

Stuck in the kitchen all day and upset about missing out on the fun?  Add some bar stools to your kitchen island and say bye, bye to the blues!  These are an affordable addition to the kitchen and they will encourage your guests to help out while you cook the big feast!   

Thanksgiving should be fun and not stressful.  There are plenty of home improvement projects you can do in advance, and if you start right now and dedicate just a few minutes every day, or even every other day, you’ll have things spic-and-span in no time!  From all of us at Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning®, good luck and happy Thanksgiving!

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