4 Reasons Your Underground Gutter Drain is Clogged and Ways to Fix

BY Jan, 02 2024
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4 Reasons Your Underground Gutter Drain is Clogged and Ways to Fix

Underground drains protect your house from flooding and resulting in serious water damage to your foundation. It’s advised that you get your underground drain cleaned consistently to prevent clogs that could create these issues. To help you prevent damage in your home, we have created an extensive outline of ways to respond to a clogged underground gutter drain.

What is an Underground Downspout Drain?

Underground drains generally consist of a network of interconnected pipes, conduits, and channels buried in the ground. They are created to manage and redirect water flow away from the foundation of your house. By doing this, it prevents costly water damage in or around your home.

Top Causes of Clogged Underground Drains and How to Respond

1. Drain Pipe Damage

Typically, underground drains are piped anywhere between five to 100 feet depending on the preference of the homeowner and the terrain. When a drain is placed underground like this, it becomes susceptible to damage and clogs.

Drain issues can can be caused by:

  • Drains being crushed by vehicles or heavy equipment above ground
  • Drains being cut or busted near the underground entry point
  • Drains being damaged by roots growing underground
  • Drains being damaged over time by items flowing through.

When the underground drain that is connected to your gutters is damaged, debris and dirt can pass through the openings or cracks and result in clogging. In these cases, it’s best to call a professional plumber to check your drain and unclog it.

2. Perforated Water Pipes

If no one has been driving heavy equipment or digging around your drain and there is damage that can trigger clogging, the issue may be related to the original installation. If a perforated drain pipe was implemented to redirect rainwater, this could cause an issue.

3. Root Growth in Pipes

If a perforated pipe was used in the original installation or the drain pipe is damaged, plants and roots will be drawn to the water escaping and start to pass through the holes. The roots will continue to move and grow, eventually invading and destroying your underground system. Every time it rains, more water flows through the pipe and the roots grow larger until the underground pipe becomes clogged and potentially bursts.

If an underground drain becomes bound by roots, it’s nearly impossible to fix. The only response other than replacement is to remove the roots and dig up the drain to clean out the sections. If you choose to clean the drain instead of getting a new one, the same issue may happen again. The best solution is to get a new drain pipe installed.

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4. Slow Circulation of Water

Your drains may be clogged because of how slow the water flows through them. If leaves or other debris infiltrate the pipe, they may not pass all the way through. Over time, sediment can cause the pipe to deteriorate and build up at the bottom of the drain.

Clogging is more likely to occur if your underground drain pipe is long, is at less of an angle, or has low water pressure. This issue can take a lot of time before it becomes a noticeable problem

How Do Underground Drains Work?

Underground drains are an underground installation that is connected to your gutters by your downspouts. They funnel water out to the street, storm drain, sidewalk, or underground sewer line in order to channel the water away from your home’s foundation.

5 Signs of a Clogged Underground Drain

1. Water Accumulation

Water pooling around your downspouts, underground drains, or foundation is one of the most easily spotted signs of a clog in your underground drain. Something is preventing the water from flowing where it needs to be, forcing it to return the way it came in, leading to pooling water.

4 Reasons Your Underground Gutter Drain is Clogged and Ways to Fix

2. Overflows at the Downspout Connection

Typically, underground drains are connected to downspouts by a number of adapters. These adapters allow water to pass smoothly and quickly from one pipe to another, preventing water from leaking out of the extensions and joints.

If you notice water gushing back out from the drain pipe or leaking out from the seams on the adapter, that is a sign that there are clogs in your underground drain.

3. Water Damage in Your Basement

When underground drains or gutter downspouts are clogged, water may accumulate around the base of your home. When this occurs, the water can leak into the basement or crawl space, potentially causing problems for the foundation of your house.

Look for these signs of water damage:

  • Mold
  • Warping
  • Rot

4. Water Coming Out of Your Gutters

Gutters overflow when underground drains are clogged because they become backed up and the water has nowhere else to go. This can cause water to pool on the roof, putting your house at risk of leaks and consequently, water damage. The extra weight of the water can also damage the drain’s shape and function.

It’s important to note that overflowing gutters are not always a sign of clogs in an underground drain. The gutters themselves should be inspected for clogs first. If there are no clogs in the gutters, then the root cause may be a clog in the underground drain.

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5. Leaks Near the Seams

If your water is spraying or leaking from the joints and seams of your drainage system, that is a clear sign of a clog. It’s essential to take care of the issue before water pools around the house or damages the gutters or downspouts.

Underground Drain Snaking

Underground Drain Snaking Services

If you notice the signs of your underground drain being clogged or just need it to be cleaned for maintenance, our team of technicians are here to help with our professional underground drain snaking services. Our committed team is available 24/7 to make sure that when you need us, we will be there.

We also offer premier gutter repair services and gutter cleaning solutions for homes in your local area. Are you having issues with your dryer? Our team also provides dependable dry vent cleaning services to meet your needs.

At Ned Stevens, we have expertise in underground drain cleaning, using tried and true techniques and tools to remove blockages and make sure that your water is channeled smoothly where it needs to be. Give our team a call at (888) 616-3307 to receive assistance with a clogged underground drain on your property.



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