11 Awesome Activities to Save for a Rainy Day

BY Apr, 20 2016
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11 Awesome Activities To Save For A Rainy Day

There are some activities that just go perfectly with rainy days like peanut butter goes with jelly. While you might have had plans to spend your day enjoying the outdoors, rainy days are a great time to do those things you save for later. The phrase does go “save it for a rainy day” after all. But what should you do? We have a few of the best ways to spend those pesky wet days.


Have a Spa Day

rainy day 7

Break out the bubble bath and get to relaxing. Take a nice long soak in your tub, apply face masks and paint your nails (or trim your beard). It’s time to pamper yourself.

Take a Nap

rainy day 6

We all have experienced that time in our lives when we wish we could go back to kindergarten and take advantage of those naps. Well, you definitely can on a gloomy day. Plus, what’s more relaxing than the sound of raindrops on the window.

Color Away

rainy day 3

Yes, we are talking to you, adults! It has been scientifically proven that coloring can help lower your stress levels. So open a window, enjoy the sounds of rainfall and color to your heart’s content.

Write a Letter

rainy day 8

Do your friends or family have birthdays coming up? Break out the old school cards and stationery and write a beautiful note to your favorite people in the world. Considering we are in the age of texts, emails and ecards, a nice handwritten note can make all of the difference.

Read a Classic

rainy day 2

Tolkien, Bronte, Austen, Bradbury. Choose a classic from your reading list and curl up. You get to relax with heroes, and honestly, what is better than that? Don’t forget the cup of tea or coffee and the comfy blanket to go along with it! (If reading isn’t your thing, you could also binge watch your favorite show on Netflix. House of Cards, anyone?)

Listen to the Rain

rainy day 11

We know this sounds silly, but take a moment to consider it. Turn off all of your technology (that includes your phone), open a window or sit on your porch and listen to the sounds of nature. It’s the best way to relax, especially if you add a glass of wine.

Play Board Games

boardgame 2

Break out Monopoly and prepare to get competitive. Gather your friends and family for a little healthy competition and go old school with a few of your favorite board games. Our favorites include Yahtzee, Scategories and Life. Don’t forget the classics like Chess and Checkers!


Go Bowling

rainy day 4

Break out your bowling shoes and hit the lanes with some of your favorite people. As we mentioned above, healthy competition is good for the soul!

Attend Local Performances

rainy day 10

Is the theater group in town putting on a performance of The Sound of Music? Well, go see them! We know you know all of the words. Do, a deer, a female deer. Re, a drop of golden sun!

Get Thrifty

rainy day 5

Rainy days are the perfect time to venture out to your favorite thrift stores. Plus, you might even find some great deals.

Visit a Museum

rainy day 9

Research the best museums, aquariums and other cultural places in your city. Choose the one that interests you the most and use the rainy day to visit some place beautiful.

Did we miss any rainy day activities? Leave them in the comments!

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