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With intense seasonal changes, the Garden State offers some of the most beautiful landscapes in the entire country. But the sunniest of summers and chilliest winters can bring some uninvited wear and tear to your home’s structure, so it’s no shock that extra measures need to be taken to protect it from things like ice storms and heavy rain. Luckily, they have Ned Stevens (that’s us!) to help out.

About Us

Since 1965, Ned Stevens has been providing gutter cleaning service to homeowners across the nation. We have set the standard for the gutter cleaning industry and continue to provide customers with full cleaning and inspection upon every visit to homes.

Maintaining your gutters properly is one of the most important things you can do to sustain your home’s value and beauty. Located in New Jersey and 12 other states, we offer all of the essential pieces of proper gutter maintenance to keep your home safe.

Our Guarantee

We believe in providing the best service possible to our customers across the nation. Because of that belief, all of our work is fully guaranteed. Due to the dangerous nature of our work, we carry full workers compensation as well as liability insurance. After all, our guys and gals are on ladders every day. We want to keep them protected and serving the Jersey community year-round.

New Jersey

New Jersey is one of the most cultured states on the East coast and offers an array of excitement for locals. From the culinary staples to the family focused festivities, this state has a way of making every inhabitant and visitors feel right at home.

The Food

Thanks to this state’s heavy influence from all different walks of life, Jersey offers up some of the best food this side of the Mason Dixon. Italian hoagies, poutine and pork rolls are a couple staples that can’t be neglected when travelling around this state’s glorious food scene. Whether you’re searching for the taste of a 4 star meal from Nicholas in Red Bank, craving that traditional Italian dish from Girasole or enjoying the cozy back booth at the closest diner, the locals will agree that you can’t get much better than this palette pleasing culture.

The Festivals

It’s no secret that New Jerseyans love to have a good time, and the immense culture that rests in this great state never fails to offer up some over-the-top family fun. Start the summer off right by travelling to Belmar for the annual Seafood Festival. Bring the kids along for some music and crafts, and try to keep yourself from entering a food coma. Want more activities? Say no more. The New Jersey State Fair has everything - agriculture, a demolition derby, a classic strong man contest and way too much entertainment (if there was such a thing).

The Landmarks

Jersey also offers some historic sites like Albert Einstein's House, The Abbott Farm Historic District and Cape May. Visit these sites to experience the land that Paleoindian people once occupied and one of the oldest resort towns by the sea. Any genius could convince you that the trip is worth it.

The Great Outdoors

There’s more to this metro state than meets the eye. Believe it or not, there are plenty of fun activities to do outside. Rain or shine, you can find some of the most devoted adventurists trekking through the Lost Caverns in the Tri-State area or enjoying one of the many hiking trails. The fun doesn’t stop there either. Pick up a bow, and try out one of the many archery ranges, or test out one of the man bird watching spots.

The Attractions

Feeling lucky? Check out Atlantic City . Looking for some fun? Visit The New Jersey Shore. Want to relax? Pick a boardwalk . This state never falls short of attractions. You can press your fortune in the East Coast’s casino capital, take the kids to their own carnival and enjoy beach life all in one state!

The Weather

By now, true New Jerseyans know what to expect with the weather in this state. Breezy summers allow swim suits and shades, while frosty winters warrant parkas and the coziest fires. But no matter the season, these locals adapt for the love of their land.

The Character

From the impossible left turns to the most populated “small towns”, this peninsula’s residents own their culture and fist pump with pride. Natives will treat you like family and make sure you never leave on an empty stomach. So, whether you’re a Jersey Girl or a fan of the Jersey Boys, consider yourself lucky to be “Joisey” at all.


As our number one goal, we want our New Jersey customers, as well as the customers nationwide, to be fully satisfied with our work. Our goal is to offer the best service in the industry, and you will always reach a knowledgeable member of our staff when you contact us for service or with a question. If you have any questions about our services, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our fully trained team members at our closest local office to you.