Winter Gutter Repair: Why Now is the Time to Think Gutters

BY Feb, 13 2018
Reading Time: 3 minutes
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Brick house after snowstorm

There are a variety of different methods to cope with the winter months—from a cozy sweater to skipping the season entirely with a vacation in warmer climates. Whatever you choose, there is one member of your family that can’t avoid the season’s effects: your home. Winter’s adverse temperatures can be destructive to your home, especially your gutters. A strong foundation of knowledge can help any homeowner avoid pricey repairs down the line. Ned Stevens is here to let you know why now is the best time to think about gutters.

Damaged Gutter Seams

Gutter seams may sound insignificant, but they’re an essential part of your gutter system. The watertight seal between your gutter and home can begin to separate over time. Throughout the winter months, this becomes an especially pressing issue. A small gap can widen with the accumulation of heavy ice and snow. This can lead to gutters detaching from your home and water seeping into your home or foundation due to improper water diversion. Having your gutter seams inspected by a professional at Ned Stevens can prevent much larger destructive issues throughout winter.

Ice Damming

Are you noticing anything odd with your roof after a snowstorm? Do some areas melt quickly while snow stays in others for much longer? If that is your situation, your home may have an ice damming problem. Ice damming occurs when there is a temperature discrepancy between your roof’s surface and the space just underneath. Melted water travels to other, colder parts of your roof which creates a damn of ice (hence the name). This obstructed flow of water can cause interior damage to your attic or destroy shingles. Improper roof insulation is often the culprit behind ice damming. Properly check your insulation to find any problem areas. By doing so, you can avoid the pricey repair of detaching and reattaching your gutters.

Clogged Downspouts

Leaves changing colors in autumn are a beautiful sight to be seen. Things can get ugly in winter if those leaves are mishandled, especially for the downspout (the part of the gutter that transports water from your roof to your yard). Debris can jam this area causing an obstructed flow of water. In colder months that water can freeze in your gutter. If this continues over the season, many issues can arise-anything from your downspout bulging to pest infestations. A service plan with the Ned Stevens professionals can make sure this often unseen concern is dealt with correctly before any problems arise.

Dead Tree Limbs

Dead tree limbs overhanging your home is dangerous all year round. If you include any potential snowstorms, that risk increases. The added weight of snow can be too much for dead tree limbs which can send unwanted branches crashing into your home. For many, it may be hard to tell if your tree limbs are dead or not. By having them checked before any snow hits your region, you can avoid any future damages. If you want to be hyper-prepared, trimming any limbs that overlap with your roof can eliminate guesswork.

Winter is a perilous time for your gutters with the destructive combination of snow, ice, and low temperatures. It is easy to forget about one potential issue when focusing on another. The professionals at Ned Stevens are here to help take care of any gutter worry you have. With our diverse services and comprehensive plans, we’ll keep your home protected from adverse winter effects and more.

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