Why Only 1 Fall Gutter Cleaning Is A Big Risk

BY Oct, 05 2018
Reading Time: 2 minutes
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fall gutter full of leaves

Fall is here! Time to put away the shorts and dust off your sweaters. From mountain hikes to cozying up indoors, autumn gives everyone a chance to enjoy the season in their own way. Autumn isn’t all fun. Homeowners must ask a critical question, are my gutters ready for fall?

Rain gutters are instrumental in keeping your home protected from a long list of expensive repairs. Here at Ned Stevens, we believe it is vital to get your gutters cleaned three (3) times during this season. You may think this is excessive, but with nearly 60 years of gutter cleaning experience, we know a thing or two about gutters. Here is why one (1) fall gutter cleaning is a huge risk.

An Excess of Leaves

There’s a reason this season is called fall. The leaves start dropping, and they don’t stop. As many homeowners know, gutters clogged with fallen leaves can’t properly divert water away from your home. Clearing your gutters of debris keeps your home protected for a number of weeks, but this unrelenting season will quickly fill them once again.

From October to December, once-a-month cleanings from a Ned Stevens professional guarantees peace of mind for the entire season.

Protection for Winter

Getting your gutters regularly cleaned throughout fall doesn’t just keep your home safe for the current season, but gets you ready for the upcoming one. Winter has the power to be destructive to your home. The combination of leftover fallen leaves and melting/freezing snow can cause large-scale issues from ice damming to gutter detachment. A proactive approach in fall can save you headaches in the colder months and keep your home repair budget intact.

Pest Infestation

Wet and moldy leaves lumped together in your gutters may sound gross to most homeowners, but is enticing to pests. Insects and larger critters like mice find clogged gutters the perfect environment to stay warm as the temperature drops.

This is a worrying issue because these pests often invade your home which creates a more serious infestation. Make your gutters less appealing by clearing away all that debris. Without a place to burrow and hide, creatures will find somewhere else to breed at a safe distance from your home.

Monthly fall gutter cleaning is the best way to ensure your property is safe through the entirety of the season moving into winter. Unfortunately, keeping your gutters cleared of debris is a laborious and monotonous task.

Don’t lose any autumn weekends to chores when you sign up for a Ned Stevens Diamond Plan.

Not only does a Diamond Plan include the recommended three (3) fall cleanings, but other perks like free priority service and next day emergency service. Enjoy the season knowing Ned Stevens has your back!

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