What Is a Ned Stevens Diamond Service Plan?

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What Is A Ned Stevens Diamond Service Plan?

For first time homeowners, taking care of your new investment can be overwhelming. The long list of tasks needed in home maintenance often seems never-ending, and some critical chores may go uncompleted. One such responsibility is the proper upkeep of your home’s rain gutters. This essential component helps divert water away from your home to prevent damage to your foundation, basement and roof. Unfortunately, such an important task can quickly be forgotten.

Ned Stevens is ready to help with our Diamond Service Plan!

The Ned Stevens Diamond Service Plan gives your rain gutters year-round protection from our highly trained gutter cleaning professionals. With over 50 years of gutter cleaning experience, you can rest easy knowing your home only receives high-quality maintenance.  

What is included in a Ned Stevens Diamond Service Plan?

A Ned Stevens Diamond Service Plan gives your home year-round protection with six (6) cleanings over a twelve (12) month period. Scheduling your gutter cleanings is flexible, but we recommend the following schedule.


Winter is particularly rough on your rain gutters. Heavy ice and snow can damage the integrity of your gutters by pulling them away from your home. With the upcoming spring showers, you’re going to need your gutters working at peak performance. Ned Stevens will guarantee your system is cleaned, inspected for any damage, and that any needed repairs are completed before the wet season.


Spring brings heavy showers, and your rain gutters are going to be working hard. A seasonal cleaning will ensure your home stays protected with adequately diverted rainwater. Spring brings oak tassels, seed pods, buds, “helicopters,” ragweed, and other debris from surrounding trees. This debris may land in your gutters and act as a sponge for water creating a potentially damaging blockage.


Spring may bring showers, but summer brings thunderstorms. These heavy storms can bring large branches crashing into your home, and that includes your gutters. Summer service is integral for ridding your rain gutters of large debris. If damage occurs, your Ned Stevens professional will be ready to guide you through the proper repairs needed.    


Fall is your gutter’s busiest season. With the high volume of debris from trees landing in your gutters, it won’t take much for blockages to form. Keeping your gutters cleared of any potential stoppage can be a perpetual task. During these months, we recommend three (3) gutter cleanings. Monthly service during October, November, and December will rid your home of heavy debris and have your system fully functional.

Customers with a Diamond service plan also receive extra perks to make the experience even easier:

  1. Firm Date scheduling: Know exactly which date your service will occur (weather permitting) to give yourself peace of mind.
  2. Same Day Emergency Service: No matter what happens, you’ll know a Ned Stevens professional will be at your home ready to assist the issue at hand for no additional cost.
  3. Next Day Emergency Service: For those small emergencies that need to be dealt with quickly, you can schedule a visit for only the price of the required service.
  4. Free Priority Service: Regardless of the season or how busy our schedules are; you’ll receive top priority on our schedule to make sure your gutters are ready.
  5. Renailing/Reattaching Loose Leader: We got you. For no additional cost, a Ned Stevens professional will handle these small repairs.
  6. 10% off New Gutter Installation & Repairs: Get 10% off our other great services like new gutter installation, underground drain service, and spotlight bulb installation!


Call today and receive $50 off your first Ned Stevens Diamond Service Plan.


Get $50 Off Your First Diamond Service Plan

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