The Worst Hollywood Roofing Fails

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Hey, you ever wonder, “What’s up there on the roof?


The Roof…


The roof is, indeed, no laughing matter. Roofs demand respect and are to be taken very seriously. The last person who tried clowning around on this roof found himself in quite the predicament:

Alan Rickman, “Die Hard”

But not every roof fail ends in a timely (or untimely) death. You can just as easily find yourself falling through a roof. Tim “the Toolman” Taylor didn’t anticipate his fate as he leapt onto this unstable spot on the roof. His rival, Bob Vila, would have probably handled this situation differently:

Tim Allen, “Home Improvement”

Sometimes, it’s better to respect the work that the good folks at DirectTV do. Vince Vaughn was probably just tired of hanging out with Robert Duvall when he decided to fling himself and this tiny satellite dish off the roof:

Vince Vaughn, “Four Christmases”

So this next one isn’t quite Hollywood, but “TruTV” has to count for something. This guy thought he was being smooth, and he was able to convince someone to point a camera at him for his feat of gymnastic prowess:

Random Person, “truTV”

Hans Gruber wasn’t the only villain whose bad behavior sent him flying. In “The Untouchables,” Billy Drago’s character Frank Nitti mouthed off to Kevin Costner and suffered the consequences. You don’t mouth off to Kevin Costner:

Billy Drago, “The Untouchables”

Next up, the classic Hollywood roofing fail from Laurel & Hardy. In this comedy of errors, it would have helped poor Hardy (and the greenhouse) if his ole pal Laurel had given him the signal before popping open the roof hatch:

Laurel and Hardy, “Dirty Work”

Sometimes, home renovations can add up to some serious dough. “The Money Pit” offers a great example of Murphy’s Law. Roofs aren’t the only dangerous features atop houses. Chimneys can be pretty tricky, too. In this game of chutes and ladders, Tom Hanks takes an epic spill and takes out the entire operation in the process:

Tom Hanks, “The Money Pit”

Sometimes, the best fail isn’t a fail–it’s a fall. Mike Douglas has one of the most memorable movie falls, off one roof and through another, In “The Game”:

Mike Douglas, “The Game”

Tim Allen seems inextricably linked to roof-related accidents. In this particular case, he throws the quintessential roofer off his game. Perhaps Santa had partaken in a few too many eggnog cocktails before he landed on the Toolman’s roof:

Tim Allen (and Santa) “The Santa Clause”

Christmas also seems to be the most common time of year to fall off of a roof in a movie. No discussion of roof falls would be complete without the penultimate roof fail: Clark Griswold’s near-death experience in “Christmas Vacation.” We’d be remiss if we didn’t point out that the one thing that kept Clark alive in this scene was a sturdy gutter:

Chevy Chase, “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”

If it were not already obvious, the roof can be a dangerous place. Whether you’re space cadet, a celebrity handyman, an all-American dad, Kris Kringle or a black-hearted villain, you probably shouldn’t spend time on a roof unsupervised. It’s simply unsafe.

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