As the cold weather rolls in and snow starts to accumulate on your roof, it’s particularly important that you are aware of what ice damming is and how it can affect your home.

Ice damming occurs when water, usually from melted ice, re-freezes on the edge of your roof.  The frozen water builds up over time, creating a blockade that traps future melted ice and snow from draining off of your roof and running into your gutters.  Thick layers of frozen snow are also responsible for forming ice dams on one’s home.

Ice dams are particularly damning for your roof.  As the water freezes and continues to buildup, it often seeps into your roof’s membrane, creating permanent damage to the interior of your home. Temperature differentials between the warmth of your attic and the cold outside air cause the ice and snow on your roof to melt.  Poor ventilation and insulation only serves to exacerbate the problem, leading to more ice buildup and seeping.  The short term side effects of ice damming include mold and peeling paint, while severe side effects can lead to a ruined roof and attic.

If your home has already fallen victim to ice damming, the best solution is to call Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning and have us remove the gutter where the ice has formed.  Removing a gutter is a dangerous process, and it should not be performed by a non-professional.  There are thousands of DIY gutter-cleaning related injuries every year and you do not need to become a statistic.  However, there are still preventive measures you can take to combat the situation:

  1. Insulate Your Attic
  2. Install a Water Repellant Layer Under Your Shingles

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