home preservation

4 Simple Ways to Increase Your Home’s Resale Value Immediately

May, 20 2015 Are you considering putting your home up for sale? If you’ve spent any time with a realtor or, gulp, watched any reality home design shows, you know how important it is that your house looks nice. Like first impressions, your house’s curb appeal matters. That’s because the way your home looks may have an impact [...]


Easy Ways to Keep Cool and Save Money

May, 08 2015 Summer is coming. As appealing as 90 degrees may have sounded when you were shoveling out your driveway in mid-January, chances are excellent that you won’t enjoy the sensation of baking like a roasting potato, particularly in your own house, come mid-July. Your spouse might be nagging you to turn the AC to 66, but [...]


The Dangers of Ice Damming & How to Combat It

Jan, 23 2015 As the cold weather rolls in and snow starts to accumulate on your roof, it’s particularly important that you are aware of what ice damming is and how it can affect your home. Ice damming occurs when water, usually from melted ice, re-freezes on the edge of your roof.  The frozen water builds up over [...]



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