3 Ways to Enjoy the Longest Day of the Year

BY Jun, 18 2019
Reading Time: 2 minutes
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several people sitting at a patio table over dinner

The summer solstice is almost here, bringing with it the perfect opportunity to put your patio to good use! Stretching back to the beginnings of civilization, the longest day of the year has always been a day for parties. After a long winter and a busy spring, everyone is ready to cut loose and enjoy life. Ned Stevens is here to help your outdoor space look its best.

1. Fire Up the Grill

The solstice is a day for being outdoors, which makes it the perfect time to get the grill going. Whether your family likes chicken or ribs, seafood or tofu, it’s time to put your barbecue skills on display. Grab some charcoal or check the propane tank and get ready to make your family proud! Don’t forget the décor, some freshly cut flowers on the table can serve as a simple reminder of how beautiful the day can be.

2. Have a Cocktail Party

A peaceful patio offers the perfect space for entertaining guests, and there’s no better day for a gathering than the summer solstice. Start your party in the late afternoon and watch the sunset together with your beverages of choice. Mimic the sun with round fruits such as oranges and lemons for garnish. Whether you get dressed up in your best party clothes or go with something casual, choose bright colors to celebrate the sun.

3. Watch the Sky

The longest day of the year is also one of the biggest for amateur astronomy. With a simple telescope or even just the naked eye, there are plenty of sights for your family to find. Appreciate the warmth of the summer sun in the daytime and then check out endless constellations at night. Use a star guide or an app to search for planets and watch your kids light up the night with their curiosity.

Bonus Tip: Let Ned Stevens Help

No matter which way you choose to celebrate the summer solstice, you will want your patio to look stunning. They say you can have fun anywhere, but the truth is the better things look, the more pleasant you and your guests will feel. Let Ned Stevens help you get ready, so you can focus on the fun parts! A soft wash will clean up the winter stains and discolorations without the harmful chemicals and peeling paint left behind from pressure washers and other services. The soft wash can clean the areas of your home that need a bit of attention, be it fencing or roofing or walkways.

And don’t forget the gutters! Don’t let the glory of your curb appeal be stolen by last season’s leaves and buildup. Let our Ned Stevens professionals get your home in shape for the solstice today!

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