Turn Your Mother-in-Law into a Mother-in-Awe With These Home Tips From Ned Stevens

BY Nov, 15 2019
Category: Home And Garden
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It’s that time of year! Fall is passing us by quick and the holidays are steadily approaching, taking our to-do lists from somewhat manageable to oftentimes overwhelming. There are many things to take care of in preparation for the holidays, whether you’re hosting the festivities or going elsewhere. Holiday shopping, cooking, planning visits, getting all your work taken care of before time off, or working more than usual. With all these extra stressors, it’s difficult to keep up in maintaining a pristine condition in our homes—especially the garden which may get forgotten in colder months.

We believe taking care of your home shouldn’t be one of those extra stressors or something that falls off completely! Here are some quick tips for sprucing up your place for the holidays in the midst of all the annual chaos:

First, this is not the time for a deep clean.

(That’s what spring cleanings are for!) When we say “spruce,” we mean spruce! No need to go through every nook and cranny in your home, which are the areas most likely to be dirtied during the holidays anyway. Take a walk through your home with a duster and clean major appliances, except for the inside of your oven. Don’t add more to your plate than you need to!

Clean the carpets and polish the floors.

Your floors have probably survived some traction throughout the summer. Rent a carpet cleaner to help get rid of any stains and use your preferred floor polish to get hardwood floors looking pristine.

Decorate your home’s exterior!

It wouldn’t be the holiday season without decorations. Trade out your Halloween gear for a new fall look for the outside of your home with an autumnal wreath and new pumpkins.

Touch up the yard. 

Fall’s been in full swing, bringing a lot of leaves down ready to be raked! Throw fallen leaves into a yard bag and move up to the street.

Prepare the garden for winter.

Even though temperatures are dropping and your garden won’t be in full bloom, there are still a few things your garden needs to be fully prepared for winter. While you’re sprucing up the home, start by removing rotting and finished plants as well as removing any invasive weeds that have taken over during the growing season.

Light some seasonal candles!

Nothing will make your home feel like it’s time for the holidays more than a couple of scented candles. 

We at Ned Stevens believe in keeping it simple and understand that you have a busy life in addition to taking care of your home. We’re here to provide resources and tips on how to make your journey run a bit more smoothly. Give us a call today to learn more about our services and see how else we can help! Contact us today and receive $25 off your service or $50 off your first time Diamond Service Plan.


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