Sprucing Up Your Space: 8 Indoor Plants to Add Life to Your Space During Winter

BY Feb, 20 2018
Category: Home And Garden
Reading Time: 3 minutes
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Small Snake plant in front of other plants

Winter’s grey skies and cold days can make the season feel like a drag.  The outdoors may be dreary, but your home doesn’t have to be. Add some green to your home! Houseplants can brighten up your space and bring warmer season vibes to February. Don’t have a green thumb? Ned Stevens is here to show you which versatile, sturdy, and easy to care for indoor plants are available to make your winter feel a little warmer.

Zebra Plant

Closeup of Zebra plant leaves

Bring some of the tropics to winter. This plant, natively found in Brazilian rainforests, may prefer a humid environment; but it does well in colder temperatures. Look out for some extra green in late winter, when most Zebra Plants experience a growth spurt.

Snake Plant

Small Snake plant in front of other plants

Snake plants are a great solution if you want to brighten up a darker corner of your home, as it thrives in low-light locations. Be aware; this plant is dangerous for most dogs and cats. Make sure to keep it in an area away from pets.

Rubber Fig

A nursery of rubber figs

Ficus elastica, rubber fig, is highly adaptable to your space. It can grow to any height, depending on the size of the pot. Keep it by an indirect light source (near a window but not directly in front of it) for consistent growth.

Areca Palm

A potted areca palm in front of window

Nothing brings visions of summer to winter like the word “palm.” Add some tropical flavor with this Ecuadorian plant, also known as the Butterfly Palm. Make sure to monitor this sensitive plant’s leaves. If you see any browning, it may be receiving too much direct light.


Begonias in a field

If you want something a little livelier than green, try the colorful begonia flowers. With an assortment of colors (red, white, and pink), this sturdy plant brings much-needed color to winter. Begonias need pruning when living indoors, so make sure to take care of your flowers to keep them growing all season long.  


A potted dieffenbachia on a rainy day

A common mistake for most amateur gardeners is overwatering. This poor practice is especially true with dieffenbachias. This plant is not fussy, so fight the urge to drown the soil. Consistently moist topsoil will help your plant grow large and lush. Also, please be aware that like the snake plant, dieffenbachia plants are dangerous to cats and dogs.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera plant soaking up sunlight by the window


Aloe Vera is a multifaceted plant that is as useful as it is attractive. Gel found in the leaves can help cure a myriad of minor ailments like burns, bruises, and boils. Not only will this plant brighten up your home, but it can also save you a trip to the pharmacy. Just remember to keep your potted aloe vera in a place where the temperature will stay between 55-80 F.


A field of finicky cyclamen flowers

This finicky plant produces vibrant red flowers but can be a hassle to take care of. For example, when watering try your best to make no contact with leaves or stems. This can cause it to rot. Even though it may take a little more effort, this primadonna will make a statement in any room of your home.

With a few of these plants placed around your home, you can enjoy a colorful indoor oasis away from the chilly outdoors. The last thing you want to worry about is your gutters. Winter can be incredibly destructive to your gutters, so let the professionals at Ned Stevens take care of them for you. Ned Stevens’ Diamond Service Plan will have you prepared not just for winter, but all year long.

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