Caring for Your Home: Spring Window Cleaning

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Get sparkling-clean windows with Ned Stevens pure water window cleaning!

Finally, the sun is here! Time to open up your curtains, tidy up your favorite window-side reading nook, and let in that warm light.  

There is only one problem.

This new brighter home also acts as a spotlight for all the home maintenance neglect that accumulated over winter. Some tasks like shampooing your carpet or waxing wooden furniture are easy for any homeowner to complete themselves, but some are a bit trickier.

For example: washing the exterior of your home’s windows can be difficult. Most windows are too high and out of reach for many homeowners who don’t have the correct equipment. If you do, the physical act of scrubbing can be strenuous on your body. If this all feels too overwhelming, let the professionals at Ned Stevens handle this frustrating task for you. Our Pure Water System Window Cleaning Service is exactly what you need.

What makes Ned Stevens Pure Water System Window Cleaning unique?

Many homeowners use tap water to clean their windows. It initially sounds like a good idea, but that choice is reductive. Ordinary water contains minerals which cause the glass to have a milky, white residue. We use a specially-designed 3-stage filtration system to ensure only the purest water is used on your windows. Pure water is necessary to keep windows crystal-clear and shining for longer.

The Pure Water System purification process works in the following three steps:

1. Carbon Sediment Filter – The filter works to prevent material and debris from entering the RO membrane, as well as Chlorine.

2. RO Membrane – This element does all the heavy work of the purification process. It will remove up to 90 – 95% off all Total Dissolved Solids (TDS).

3. Deionization Resin — The final step in filtration. This step is designed to bring your water to zero TDS.

The best part? A Ned Stevens professional can complete this service while you’re away doing something way more enjoyable. So, no need to miss work or cancel weekend plans with friends. Your time is free for you to use any way you want!

To learn more about our Pure Water System Window Cleaning, call us today and receive a free quote. 


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