Spring Cleaning with Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning

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aluminum rain gutter clogged with leaves

Spring cleaning usually refers to cleaning out cluttered closets or tilling a garden, but to adequately protect your home; it should also include your gutters. Spring doesn’t only bring warm weather and blooming flowers. It brings rain—and a lot of it.

Don’t underestimate your gutters’ contribution in keeping your home safe.

This vital component can turn destructive if not properly maintained. The professionals at Ned Stevens are here to let you know why it’s crucial to include your gutters in your spring cleaning routine.

Protect Your Foundation

Your foundation is the most essential part of your home. If compromised, repairs can become incredibly pricey and time extensive. Your gutters help avoid any of these annoyances, as long as they’re properly maintained. Gutters clogged with debris can’t correctly divert rainwater away from important areas like your foundation and away from your home. This water then collects at your home’s base, seeping into the foundation over time or flooding your crawl space or basement.

With cleared gutters, you can let go of any foundation worries connected to spring showers.

Stop Pest Infestation

Spring’s beautiful flowers are great to look at and perfect for livening up a garden. They’re a welcome change after the dreary winter months. Unfortunately, they also bring along some uninvited houseguests. Bugs! One of insects’ favorite hiding spots is clogged gutters. Decaying and moldy leaves are the perfect environment for nests to form. Small pests such as termites and wasps to larger critters like opossums love to call gutters their home. Larger creatures may become more adventurous and burrow into your attic. Don’t let your home become a hotel for pests, keep your gutters cleaned of debris to keep them away.


Avoid Gutter Pitch Problems

It is hard to imagine one tiny leaf being destructive. When enough of them accumulate, problems do arise.

Debris mixed with water can weigh up to 370 lbs, which is a tremendous amount of weight for your gutters to withstand. This amount of debris can result in gutter pitch, which occurs when the angle of your gutters is damaged. Gutter pitch stops water from properly exiting the downspout and pooling in the wrong areas. Damage can happen to your siding or roof as well as cause rust. Repairs for gutter pitch are not cheap. Avoid it altogether by having your gutters cleaned by professionals like Ned Stevens.

There is no reason that something as small as a leaf should give you such a big headache.


Repairs After Winter

For many, the winter season is a harsh time. Snow blankets large sections of the United States, while everybody experiences low temperatures. As with many things, gutters are adversely affected by this type of weather. Unseen damages might have occurred during this time, especially if your gutters are filled with the seasonal remains. By having your gutters cleaned from debris, you are giving yourself the opportunity to fully diagnosis the status of your gutters. Catching these issues early can stop more significant damage to your home down the line.

All this information may sound scary, but you’re not alone.

The professionals at Ned Stevens have over 50 years of gutter cleaning service. Each of our crews receives rigorous training in our state-of-the-art classrooms, as well as in the field supervision of skilled labor managers. If there is an issue, they’ll know what to do. With Ned Stevens experts on the job, you can enjoy spring knowing your home is properly cared for. Not bad for one quick phone call.

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