Spring Cleaning: What Not to Miss [Infographic]

by Mar, 21 2016 |
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Spring Cleaning: What Not To Miss [infographic]

Spring Cleaning: A History
Spring cleaning has become a universally-recognized tradition. Until the 20th century, people would keep their houses tightly protected against the harsh winter season, while heating and lighting the home with coal, oil, wood and candles. This necessity left soot, ashes and wax on most surfaces. The arrival of spring signaled a welcome time to make their dingy, dark homes fresh and light again. Say hello to spring cleaning! The tradition has stood the test of time, and we all still clean our homes when spring arrives, even if we don’t have soot and wax everywhere. So break out the mops and check out our spring cleaning infographic for the 12 areas to not miss during your annual cleaning.

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