Spooky Gutters and How They Got That Way

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Spooky Gutters And How They Got That Way

In the Middle Ages, many buildings featured gargoyles at the edges of the roof. These sculptures were often spooky, but served a utilitarian purpose: they were gutters! These days, however, none of us want the word “spooky” associated with our gutters. (Unless you happen to live in a gargoyle-guarded cathedral.)

While gargoyles are the “right kind” of spooky, there’s also a “wrong kind” of spooky. The following gutters are examples of the latter, and you should be afraid if yours look anything like them.


It looks like someone forgot to clean their gutters. This kind of damage can end up costing a lot more than the price of the gutter. It’s also wise to invest in gutters made from quality materials. These guys look like thin, cheap plastic.


This house looks pretty haunted, and gutters are not its only problem. In addition to hiring a company that knows gutters, it’s important to keep an eye on the integrity of the roof. Gutters, no matter how fancy, won’t serve you well if installed on a failing roof.


It looks like it’s time for a cleaning. Did you know that even a handful of debris prevents your gutters from working? Neglecting gutter cleaning and maintenance can spell damage to the angle of the gutter (all that stuff gets very heavy).


In addition to your gutters losing their proper angle (pitch), clogging can lead to standing water around the home, which could flood into the foundation and the basement… Very Scary!


As you can see, water can damage more than just your home’s basement or foundation. From the looks of it, these gutters are their own “Nightmare on Elm Street.”


Um… Did they even try? We’d hate to see the rest of the house.

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