Why a Service Plan is Like Insurance for Your Gutters & Home

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For many homeowners, their home is the single most significant financial investment in their lives. As a result, the use of home insurance plans and appliance warranties is a common strategy to protect their property and furnishings.

Some may not be aware that these insurance plans don’t cover the entirety of their home. The vast majority don’t include rain gutters or the damage done to your home from incorrectly functioning gutters. Luckily, Ned Stevens has you covered. Our Ned Stevens Diamond Service Plan is a homeowner’s all-in-one gutter protection plan. With regular maintenance from the Ned Stevens gutter cleaning professionals and other service discounts, a Diamond Plan is like an insurance plan for your home.

Year-Round Coverage

The best way to keep your home protected is with preemptive care. Your home or gutters can’t be damaged if everything is operating correctly. Gutters clogged with debris, such as leaves and branches, cause water not to divert away from your home. Damage occurs when this rainwater pools in the wrong areas. Everything from roof damage to a cracked foundation can develop.

With a Ned Stevens Diamond plan, a Ned Stevens gutter cleaning professional with make a minimum of six (6) yearly visits to your home to clear your gutter of debris and guarantee your system is working as it should.

Discount for Other Great Services

Sometimes damage to your home can’t be avoided. This unfortunate circumstance can come from heavy storms or other unexpected events. Ned Stevens understands these situations can be difficult or even overwhelming for many homeowners. No one should feel unsafe in their own home.

That’s why we offer free same day and next day emergency service for our Ned Stevens Diamond Service Plan customers. Weather and schedule permitting, a Ned Stevens professional will be at your home to get everything back to normal. Not all perks from the service plan are for emergencies. Discounted services such as soft washing and outside spotlight bulb replacements are also included.

Jump to the head of the line

As you would imagine, fall is a busy time for our gutter cleaning professionals. The falling leaves can quickly stop working gutters from functioning. Even though we try our best, the sheer volume of service requests makes it difficult for us to give the exact scheduled date every customer wants. Ned Stevens Diamond Service Plan customers don’t have to worry. Free priority service is included in each plan. This means you will jump to the head of the line during heavy season scheduling. You’ll also receive “Firm Date” scheduling, so you’ll have a better idea of when your gutters will be serviced. A Ned Stevens Diamond Service Plan ensures your home is protected on your schedule.

Many home insurance plans don’t cover the entirety of your home. With such a significant investment, taking that chance is risky. Enjoy the home you worked hard for in comfort without any worry of major headaches with a Ned Stevens Diamond Plan.

If you’re interested in signing up, call today and receive $50 off your first Diamond Plan.

Get $50 Off First Time Diamond Plan!

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