Patio Season Part 2: Getting Ready for Fall

BY Sep, 12 2019
Reading Time: 3 minutes
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Why Your Leaves Will Become A Problem

When you think about getting your home and yard ready for patio season, the first thing that comes to mind is probably spring. In spring, your biggest opponents are pollen, bugs and that coat of winter grime that has collected on your patio furniture during the offseason.

However, patio season part two doesn’t get the treatment it deserves.

As summer rages along, a lot of your viable patio time gets waylaid by storms, debris, trips out of town and, let’s not forget, heat.

As summer moves toward its conclusion, now is a good time to reinvest your time and effort into getting your home ready for patio season, again.

Getting Your Patio Ready for Fall

When it comes to getting your patio ready for fall, one of the obvious considerations to handle is fallen leaves and limbs. After summer, your yard and patio will have collected plenty of both.

But taking care of your yard and the debris there is just part of the equation. If you’ve got a pool, you’re probably looking to schedule closing shortly after Labor Day. If you’ve got a back deck or stone patio, the warmer months have given yours plenty of chances to accumulate some bacteria or algae. Before your next outdoor event, you should take care of your patio surfaces with a soft wash cleaning.

Soft washing is a lot like pressure washing but with a couple of key differences:

  1. Soft washing isn’t as harsh as pressure washing

Pressure washing can actually damage your home’s outdoor surfaces because of the amount of abrasive pressure applied from the spray nozzle.

  1. Soft washing is environmentally friendly.

Ok, not all pressure washing is bad for the environment, but when was the last time you thought to investigate what types of detergents or agents were used by your pressure washer? 

In addition to your patio or deck, you should also consider soft washing for your roof and siding. Algae and bacteria can affect these areas of your home as well, but soft washing is a safe, cost-effective way to get more life out of your siding and roof while making them look as good as new in the process.

When it comes to decor & themes for your fall party, this is your chance to get creative. Whether you’re celebrating a harvest or just some weather that doesn’t make you feel icky, embrace the earthy tones of fall in your color palette and lean in to the themes that make it feel like fall. We’re thinking bonfires, flannel, college football, and of course, Halloween! Some of the best holidays fall in fall – pun intended. It’s a time for gathering together, celebrating the turning of a corner and moving into that colder, slower time of year.

So before you run out of energy and time in your schedule, make sure to schedule some time to get your patio ready for fall.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that, ahem, your gutters might need cleaning too…. After all, fall is the busy season at Ned Stevens. So, spoiler alert- don’t forget about your gutters.

Your home’s gutters keep you and your home protected by diverting water away from your home and landscape. Neglecting your gutters can lead to basement flooding, foundation damage and landscape erosion. If you’re behind on gutter cleanings, consider enrolling in a Ned Stevens service plan. This is a one-stop solution to ensure your home and gutters are protected all year long!

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