Your Home on Your Terms – How to Negotiate the Best Price for your Home

BY Feb, 19 2019
Reading Time: 3 minutes
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A home is often the most significant financial asset in any homeowner’s life.

This one simple fact adds extra stress to the home selling process. For many, receiving the best price for your current home is vital to help finance your next one. Things are not made easier by a real estate market that can be mysterious and fickle. Luckily, Ned Stevens is here to lend a hand. With a few simple home selling tips, we’ll help you become more confident and get you closer to the home price you want.


Understand Your Market

One of the biggest mistakes many home sellers make when setting a price is not understanding their local real estate market. Home prices fluctuate due to many variables like time of year and neighborhood. Conduct extensive research on your area. Look at comparable homes in size and location that are also on the market. Make sure to not only look at home prices but at which homes actually sell. Don’t be tempted to just match the highest price; the high number may be the exact reason it’s still on the market.


Tour Other Homes for Sale

An online home listing can only tell you so much about a home’s value. To fully understand the market, physically tour listed homes around you. Walking through a home for sale will give you better information when comparing to your own. Prices are not only set on size and location; pay attention to things like appliance age, bathroom features, and landscaping. Small characteristics like these all play a massive part in the final number. If possible, tour homes during an open house and pay close attention to potential buyers. Recognizing their priorities can help guide you in any improvements you’ll need to make in your listing.


Always Be Ready to Show  

Open houses offer buyers an opportunity to evaluate your home. Sellers and real estate agents prefer this method because it provides the least disruption in you and your family’s daily life. This approach is easiest, but it may not be the most fruitful. Don’t limit tours to just a few open houses. Not all potential home buyers are on the same schedule as you. Be open to having flexible times for visiting your home. The downside is your home must be show ready at all times. This tip may be a hassle, but it can also help you quickly locate a suitable buyer. Also, be sure that you stage your home and keep up that curb appeal!


Hire an Appraiser  

If your home has been sitting on the market for a few months, it may be time to hire the services of an appraiser. A home appraiser is a certified professional whose sole purpose is to evaluate the market price of your home. Their knowledge comes from a deep understanding of local trends and years of experience in the area. If you don’t agree with the home price given by the appraiser, don’t hesitate to hire a few others to look over your property to generate an average. This service may come with a notable price tag (between $300 and $600), but it’ll help you get as close as possible to an accurate number.


Be Patient

The home selling process is a long one filled with false starts and stumbling blocks. To get the best price for your home, you must be patient. This vital trait will help you avoid huge mistakes such as agreeing to the wrong price or selling in a slow period. If you stick to your price range and take the proactive steps to make your home attractive, you’ll eventually find the perfect buyer.

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