Renovating your home is a long process. You have to research, plan, budget and execute, so it’s understandable how overwhelming it can become. The first step to any home renovation is thorough research, and what better place to start than Pinterest?

Here is a list of our favorite home reno/decorating Pinterest boards! Enjoy the renovation inspiration, friends!

Lauren Conrad – Decorate

Few things in life are not covered by Lauren Conrad. From clothes to food to home decorating, Lauren does it all. Whether you’re renovating your living room or bedroom, this Pinterest board is overflowing with useful ideas.

The Renovated Home – Living Spaces>>We Love

Renovating your living room? Take a look at the different spaces in this Pinterest board. The content will help you discover what you really want out of your living space BEFORE you start knocking down walls.

Found, Now Home – Book Nooks

A wise man once said, “A home without books is like a body without a soul.” We couldn’t agree more, so when planning your home renovation project, think about where you will house all your beloved books. This board will give you all the literary inspiration you need to do something unique.

Finding Home Farms – Finding Home Projects

Whether you are looking for Farmhouse style trim or a new design for your laundry room, this Pinterest board has just about everything you need to plan your home renovation. You can find numerous DIY tips to not only help you save on expenses, but to also help reuse many of the items that would otherwise be discarded during a renovation.

The Endearing Home – DIY Home Projects

For most home renovators, saving a few dollars here and there is a huge priority. The Endearing Home’s Pinterest blog on DIY home projects can help you do just that. From installing brick in your home to awesome shiplap tutorials, you can find all of the DIY magic here, and save a little money in the long run. It even has a pin with tips on how to choose paint colors you won’t hate later.

Good luck with your home renovation! Don’t forget to check out Ned Stevens Pinterest for home maintenance and improvement tips!

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