Ned’s Picks: 6 Reasons to Get Outside This Spring

BY Apr, 26 2018
Reading Time: 3 minutes
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bright sunny spring morning over a meadow

Sandwiched between winter’s low temperatures and oppressive summer heat is spring— a season with mild temperatures and sunny skies, perfect for outdoor activities. It’s easy to settle into a binge-watching tv routine during colder months, but don’t take those habits into April. Embrace spring’s feelings of renewal and shed the habit.

If you’re struggling to come up with activities, Ned Steven has your back. Here are eight great reasons to get outside this spring.

Baseball Season!

Baseball is an American pastime, but sitting for hours outside in the summer heat is draining. The beginning of baseball season in early spring, however, boasts some of the best weather. Get out for an early season game at your favorite ballpark, and enjoy a cold one in the sun!

Revisiting Hikes

Did you go on any hikes in the winter? Revisiting those same treks in spring can produce a rewarding experience. Being able to compare the foliage between seasons is a fun way to learn more about nature. It may also reveal details you didn’t see on your first trip, such as creeks. Another fun aspect is the return of animals, especially birds. If you live in an area with migratory birds, the species seen in spring should be drastically different than the ones seen in winter.

Tidy up Your Yard

No one wants to tackle yard work in winter. With firm soil and cold weather, many feel it’s better just to ignore it. The arrival of spring gives you an opportunity to transform your property into the yard you’ve been dreaming of during those dreary months. Small tasks, such as clearing dead leaves or trimming bushes, can liven up your yard’s appearance. If you want to grow flowers or vegetables, make sure to do your research on varieties best for summer as some varieties handle the month better than others.

Exercise in Nature

Finding motivation to workout can be difficult. It doesn’t help that most gyms have a monotonous vibe. Spice it up and take your workout outdoors. Spring’s climate is perfect for any exercise. For example; instead of using the treadmill, run through your neighborhood or a local park. Many parks even offer free workout apparatuses if you want more complicated routines. This may not replace your regular workout program, but it serves as a nice change of pace.  

Dinners Outside

Every spring, daylight savings gifts an extra hour of sunlight each night. Take advantage by eating dinner or having a snack outdoors. Either at a restaurant or in your backyard, eating a meal outside is a simple way to soak in the season. This activity can be quite therapeutic, as it helps you unwind from your daily hustle.  It’s also a great excuse to invite those friends and family members you’ve meant to spend time with. Who can say “no” to that invitation?

Farmer’s Markets Reopening

Most local farmers markets go on hiatus in the winter to avoid the less favorable weather. Take advantage of local farmers and makers, as markets reopen in the spring. Visit your closest market and explore some great products from local vendors. With a rotating lineup of sellers, you’ll never know what’ll be available on a given weekend.

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