How to Survive Mosquito and Tick Season

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Tired of mosquitos and ticks taking over your lawn every year – preventing you, your family, and your pets from spending some quality time in the sunshine. These pests are not only a buzz-kill when you’re hosting an outdoor get-together, but they can carry and transmit serious illness, placing your loved ones at risk. This year, it’s time to take some drastic action.

What can YOU do to prepare?

Clean Up Your Grounds
Rotting wood, tall grass, and standing water are breeding grounds for ticks and mosquitos so start by completing a thorough yard clean-up. Dispose of any branches, piles of leaves leftover from the fall, and trim tall grass to rob those bugs of a safe place to reproduce.

Inspect the trees on or around your property. Old stumps decompose over time and will attract not only mosquitos and ticks – but also small critters. Grind down any old stumps to avoid unwelcome guests.

Standing trees may also develop decay at the base and may require full removal. If you don’t own (or are knowledgeable in the operation of) a stump grinder or aren’t comfortable cutting down your own trees, hiring a tree specialist will solve your issues.

Treat Your Lawn
Once you’ve removed all debris from the property, another option is to spray your lawn with insecticides. There is a myriad of choices in every home improvement store, but be sure to choose one that is safe for children, pets, foliage, and any natural waterways. Some can even kill off the “good bugs” that provide natural benefits to your lawn.

Unsure about which one to choose or how to apply it safely? Contact an extermination service to take a look and possibly create a treatment plan for your property and keep mosquitoes and ticks far from your outdoor living areas.

Add Some Landscaping Features
Creating a 3-foot barrier between wooded areas and any patios or play equipment can help to keep bugs at bay. Ticks tend to live in trees and bushes. Adding landscaping features like a gravel or wood chip border surrounding your lawn can, not only add beauty to your property but also keep ticks from migrating into your recreational areas.

Serious landscaping can be a massive task, so consider contacting a landscaping company to handle the heavy work if you are not comfortable doing it yourself.

Keep them OUT!
It’s inevitable that you will see some mosquitoes or even ticks in your yard – complete elimination is an unattainable goal. However, there are things you can do to prevent them from coming inside and biting you while you sleep.

Take time to inspect and repair door and window screens by either patching or replacing the wire mesh. If that task is outside your scope of abilities, hire a general contractor to take care of the repairs.

Prevention is the best way to keep mosquitoes and ticks off your lawn and away from your family but requires action on your part. While some tasks may be easy to take care of, others may be outside your wheelhouse and lend themselves to hiring a professional to assist.

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