Mark Twain had his Billiards Room, Superman had his Fortress of Solitude, that dude from the Dos Equis commercials has the most interesting man cave in the world. It’s a fact; every man needs his space. A place where he can go to chill, yell at the game, and hang with his buddies.

But, a man cave should be taken seriously. You don’t want a room with a dingy couch, a TV and a mini fridge. After all, you’re a man, not a frat boy. So with football season in full swing, now may be the best time to turn that basement or spare room into a manly oasis. Here are a few themed ideas to represent your style. (Aside from the obligatory huge TV.)

The Fandom

So sports are your thing? Football, baseball, basketball — no matter your choice in athletics, your man cave should represent your fandom. Plaster your team’s memorabilia on the walls. Want to go all out? Install multiple TVs for mass game watching. A kegerator isn’t a bad idea either because beer and sports go together like peanut butter and jelly.

The Musician

Any true lover of music needs a place to listen and/or play their tunes. So if you’re looking for the perfect place to jam out and display your vintage concert posters and prized guitars, this is the man cave for you. An advanced sound system is required.

The Gambler

Poker, pool, cigars and a single malt scotch. Ring any bells? If so, create your own “what happens in the man cave, stays in the man cave” space perfect for the gambler in all of us. Incorporate pool and poker tables strategically throughout, and add a dartboard for the sore losers looking to relieve their frustrations. Most importantly, don’t forget the bar. The bigger, the better, because who plays poker without booze? No one.

The Gamer

This room should be the ultimate gamer’s paradise. A huge TV, state of the art gaming system and comfy couches are necessities, obviously. But don’t stop there. Get some old arcade games, like PacMan and Galaga, and a pinball machine to add some nostalgia to your space. Spice up the decor with themed furniture, like a controller shaped coffee table and specialized gaming chairs or rockers.

The Outdoorsman

If the great outdoors is the true love of your life, then your man cave should show that. Display your finest catches and trophy antlers on the walls. Guns and fishing rods are a must in this cave, and deep, rich colors and wood accents will top off the decor.

The Movie Mogul

Sci-Fi, Adventure, Action, Fantasy, Horror. Whatever your favorite genre, it should be displayed throughout your space. Include a popcorn machine, projection screen and surround sound to send this movie inspired man cave over the edge. Don’t forget to fill the snack bar with candies and junk food galore. After all, this is still a man cave.

Now that you have a few ideas, go and make the Dos Equis dude proud and tell us in the comments what kind of man cave you most desire.

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