A clean, well-kept gutter system is your first line of defense against water damage to your home and its foundation.  It just so happens that your gutters are also a first choice for critters seeking shelter!  Come summer, birds, insects, squirrels and other animals are seeking a cool, shady spot to call home.  Additionally, if your gutters are not routinely cleaned, the standing water that exists in them proves to be an ideal dwelling for mosquitoes, insects, frogs, snakes, and any other animal seeking a quick drink.  It doesn’t matter if your home boasts gutter screens or gutter guards, insects and critters still penetrate these devices, exposing your home to damage.

While on the job, it is not uncommon for the highly trained staff at Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning to come across multiple families (not always people!) living under the same roof.

cute squirrels in homes gutters

Gilles Gonthier & Richard Lewis via Flickr

birds nest in homes gutters

Maintaining a clean gutter system will decrease the likelihood of critters choosing your gutters as their summer residence.  However, additional measures can be taken by homeowners who live in wooded areas:

  • Scare them away! – Place a “fright inducer” in your yard such as a fake owl or rubber snake.
  • Ultrasonic sounds – Purchase an ultrasonic bird repeller from your local hardware store.
  • Feed them – Place a feeder away from your home’s perimeter to draw critter’s away from your gutters and back into nature.
  • Plant a home – Trees and/or shrubbery planted far from your home will create a safe and desirable place for birds, animals, and insects to nest.

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