Should I Get a Gutter Cleaning Service Plan?

BY Jan, 16 2020
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The roof of your home doesn’t just keep warmth in, it also keeps the harsh elements out. 

In order for your roof to work most efficiently, rain, snow, leaves, animals, and any other material that falls on your roof must be collected and carried away. Gutter and downspouts act as the transport system that removes these unwanted elements from the roof of your house. 

When your gutter system is functioning efficiently, any precipitation that falls on the roof will flow through the gutters and into the ground away from the home. 

Unfortunately, as the water takes any organic material with it through the gutter system, that material often gets trapped or stuck, creating clogs in the gutters that can cause them to stop working. If these clogs go unnoticed for too long, your house can suffer damage, even structural damage, as water leaks down the side of the house, possibly entering the house through the walls or pooling at its foundation. 

The importance of keeping your gutters clean and clog-free cannot be overstated in order to prevent this damage from occurring. 

Keeping a maintenance calendar for your gutters

One way to keep your gutter system healthy and functioning at its peak is to keep up with regular gutter maintenance throughout the year. While it is recommended that this is done six times per year, most critically in the autumn after all the leaves have fallen.  Homes with a lot of trees, wildlife activity or any other kind of debris should make sure that their gutters are regularly checked every season. Keeping a calendar to remind you to clear your gutters can be helpful, but life often gets in the way and suddenly a storm hits and your home has incurred damage. Make sure your home is always protected with preemptive care through a service plan with Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning®.  

Year-round gutter service

Ned Stevens’ Diamond plan will make sure that a gutter cleaning professional will make a minimum of six (6) yearly visits to your house to ensure that your gutters are in the best possible working shape. 

Our knowledgeable, highly trained team members will keep your gutters clean and free of debris while also checking to make sure there are no leaks and nothing needs to be resealed or repaired. 

March is a great time for checking to make sure that snow and ice haven’t caused any damage and to prepare for the oncoming spring showers. We will schedule a seasonal cleaning sometime during those spring showers to make sure that no debris from budding trees such as seed pods, oak tassels, ragweed or any other debris has settled into your gutters. Summer thunderstorms often bring down large tree branches. Our professional gutter cleaners will schedule an appointment to make sure that gutters are clear of any large debris and that there has been no damage to the gutters themselves. And, of course, during the busiest time of year, autumn, when the leaves fall and block gutters quickly, Ned Stevens will be at your house to clear any clogs or blocks to ready your house for the winter.  

Trust Ned Stevens

Ned Stevens has nearly 60 years of gutter cleaning experience and our courteous and professional team has seen every possible complication and knows when the best times are for your home’s particular roof style and environmental circumstances. Call today and get $50 off your first time Diamond Service Plan!


Get $50 Off Your First Diamond Plan!


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