Gutter Inspection & Repair: Why You Can’t Afford to Wait

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Man inspects gutter to look for repairs that may be needed

While fall is settling in and the holidays are quickly approaching, it can be easy to let regular home maintenance fall to the wayside. However, we at Ned Stevens like to be upfront about how important it is to keep your home’s maintenance a top priority in order to ensure the safety and protection of your home. One of our highest priorities is gutter inspection and repair, which we encourage our clients to tend to before the end of fall.

With leaves being one of the biggest culprits of water damage—causing problems ranging from roof damage, slip and falls, damage to your home’s exterior, and damage to the home’s foundation and landscaping—it’s no surprise that fall is the season that brings these priorities higher on our list. When fall comes, the trees begin to shed their leaves that land in and crowd our gutters’ spaces. These leaves, along with other debris, collectively put on a lot of weight on your home’s gutters before the season’s end. By the time fall ends and winter is here, many are busy planning the holiday season and a lot of damage may already be done.

These are the risks some homeowners face when impending gutter inspection and repair until after the fall season:

1. Sagging gutters.

The weight of leaves and other debris causes gutters to sag which puts added strain on your home’s soffits and fascia — boards that aren’t rated to handle the extreme weight that adds up as leaves and debris clog your gutters.

2. Gutter clogs.

Leaves and other debris falling will clog the system and ultimately make the gutters useless – and then water won’t be diverted away from your home’s foundation.

3. Exterior damage.

Leaves that have been steeping in standing water creates a tint in the water that can cause a stain anywhere the water trails through once it’s through the gutters. This could be down the front of the house, leak into the inside walls, or the home’s siding.

Some regular maintenance, such as tightening screws on the gutters to make up for sagging caused by leaves and debris, could be done on your own but is not enough to confront the issues of weight stressing your gutters and the other potential damage to your home due to clogs. And don’t forget about the danger of spending time up on a ladder.

And while gutter guards may be somewhat helpful in preventing more leaves from clogging up gutters, they don’t do much to address the situation at hand and previous damage incurred – and they don’t keep debris out of your gutter system. They can actually make your gutters worse than no guards at all!

A regular fall gutter cleaning and inspection will address and tend to any current issues, as well as make a huge difference in preventing further issues down the road.

We highly recommend having your gutters checked before the end of fall to help ensure a more easy-going holiday season. The last thing anyone needs is water damage to their home’s foundation, leaking gutters, or a damaged landscape.

Call Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning today to set up a gutter inspection and repair before it’s too late and to save time and money down the road! If you’re a new customer, call today and receive $25 off your service of $50 off your first time Diamond Service Plan.

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